Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Skinlite Cooling Cucumber Pads

I've said it before, bear with me, I can't help but repeat myself again. Our beautiful eyes are our beautiful world. We see the world through our eyes, but I think we also tend to jump the gun by making assumptions. At times, what we see may not be what we assume. Perhaps we put our experiences before anything else in making judgement, sadly, we can be wrong. So, lets look at things and people without being bias, I know because others have judged me wrongly. Because I always look tired, people ask me if I have been partying and drinking, nevertheless, some are right. They are right. They can see through my insomnia. True, agreed, thank you to friends who have judged me correctly.

But to the rest, I really think I shouldn't waste my time explaining or getting all work up. Instead, its an on-going mission for looking out at products which can at least minimize my dark circles (La Colline Eye Mask Bobbi Brown Cream Concealer). This time, instead of paying a fortune, I paid RM15.00 for these cooling cucumber pads, made in Korea.

Skinlite Cooling Cucumber Pads
Soft pads, pre-moistened with real cucumber and other soothing ingredients, specially designed to rest atop your eyelids and face as you lie back and relax. Touted to reduce puffiness and the appearance of dark circles, these pads can also be used for your cheeks, basically put them wherever on your face. Resembling close to real cucumber slices, there are 24 round pads in the round plastic container, you will see a simple tweezer on top of the plastic cover, for "pick-me-up"please. Storing the container in the fridge is advisable so that the pads feel cool when you used them. To use, cleanse your face, place one pad on each eye-lid, sit back and relax. Remove pads after 10 to 15 minutes, then tap the clear fluid/residue gently around your eye area. 

Having used these pads for a month now (once a week), I am disappointed. Oh-so-disappointed. These pads didn't do anything for my dark circles. No, precisely nothing. However, they did soothe, moisturize and refresh my eyes. I love the cooling burst, I feel relaxed once the pads sit on my eyes and I feel less burdened by tiredness not pushing me deeper down. Still, sorry to Skinlite Cooling Cucumber Pads I won't be buying again. Actually, you know what? I think real cucumber slices will be 100% better. These pads perhaps are suited for hot-pants sweet young things. Not for me, not for late forties and not for my strained eyes.    
That's it beauties. I shall catch with you in the next sharing. Take care. Don't forget to trend alongside "beauty with nava-k" on every other social media pleaseeee!!!

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  1. Oooooh...after three hours of salsa dancing last night I could TOTALLY use some of this this morning :)

  2. i normally use freshly sliced cucumbers or overnight tea bags.

  3. Thank You,

    The information you shared is very informative Cooling Pad

  4. I love using cucumber slices over my eyes. They are do refreshing. That stinks they didn't work for you though. I like that the pads look like real cucumber slices though.


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