Friday, December 21, 2012

Restaurant Chow Kiat - Jalan Kapar (Klang)

Where else can be the best bak kut teh except from Klang. In fact, a shout out for the herbs pork simmered broth will definitely route you to the row of shops or even to the road side stalls, known for their slowly cooked for hours waffling bak kut teh. My craving-shout-out to the two very close Chinese friends was responded and also landed us to Restaurant Chow Kiat (18, Jalan Kapar) on this Friday evening. A no frill and simple coffee shop eatery, Chow Kiat surprisingly was quiet with just one table taken up. Ordering was taken charge by the friends in their dialect but I still interrupted so as to include the  "spare parts", particularly the intestines.

Service was quick as the tea sachets with loose tea leaves arrived with a pot of hot water and little cups. Into the pot, tea leaves were steep and then arrived the  4 bowls of bkt, cili padi in soy sauce and 3 plates of rice. 

Thus, we tucked into ripping apart from the bones meat, the chewable intestines and tofu in the aromatic broth. Taste-wise, truly delicious though I would have appreciated if the broth would have been piping hot. Still, upon spooning the broth into my mouth, I knew it was pure and original, I mean not diluted with water, cooked without stinging on the essential herbs and wasn't as salty as some of the bkt's I have had at other restaurants.

After paying RM45.00 and as we walked to our car parked at the back row, unanimously we agreed it was worth the drive all the way to Klang in the evening jam. Definitely I won't mind returning to Restaurant Chow Kiat or maybe, back to Klang but to other restaurants to compare the taste with this bkt.

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  1. this is klang style BKT? I like BKT, but prefer the peppery (teochew) version =)

  2. bkt....being a klgrian....bkt is a must dish for me n family...atleast once in a month...but i nvr tried the intestines....i love the dry version as well

  3. I would like to know does the shop have any off-day. Thank you.

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      I was here on a weekday. I am not sure on their hours.


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