Sunday, December 9, 2012

Miss Maud Restaurant - Murray Street, Perth (Australia)

After walking up and down Murray Street for 2 hours, I returned to Ms Maud Hotel. I showered,  at about 7.30pm, I walked to Miss Maud Restaurant. Just two doors away, at the corner of the street, you definitely can’t go wrong on spotting Miss Maud Restaurant. Almost 3/4 packed by this hour, once I stepped foot inside, the pleasant manager checked through my reservation. I then sat at the nearest empty table while glimpsing at their homey, lightly dimmed, spic and span ambiance, as well as at the array of dishes. A couple of pictures followed by, which sort of drew the attention of some of the customers. Didn’t bother me. I had already been issued the green card by the manager. I then helping myself, since I am a vegetarian, not permanently though, just for the last two weeks and I still have another two weeks to honor due to my personal reason, naturally, I had to stick to the vegetarian dishes between the quite huge spread of choices. You name it, you will get it Miss Maud Restaurant for buffet dinner. Fresh salads, fresh cooked and uncooked seafood, various types of bread, cheese and desserts, fruit juices, main courses and of course, coffee and tea must be there too.

I too had choices. Quite a fair bit of choices for vegetarians, with all the dishes clearly labelled, I sure didn’t fumble. Regardless, my eyes were alert to, if there are  tiny winy meat in the dishes. I think I did a good job, my eyes sight didn’t fail me. I tucked into food, I sipped into coffee and I sure felt satisfied. Good food. No shorts of refills, I just so liked the manager. Such a cheerful and humble person. However, AUS50.00 is not cheap for a poor Malaysian like me. I actually opted for Miss Maud Restaurant mainly because I was told by my Malaysian friends that Perth is a dead city by 5.00pm, so, I should pack dinner. Packing street food on the first in Perth? Sounded corny,  so, I treated myself in Miss Maud Restaurant. Mistake. Big mistake. I completely forgot that my stay in Miss Maud Hotel for the next one week will include buffet breakfast. Oh, such a waste to my money, never mind, a bit too late to regret.  

For the next three days, I skipped breakfast. I didn’t feel like waking up earlier just for breakfast, before leaving at 8.30 for journeying to Curtin Campus. I know it’s a lame excuse, then again, I am really not a big eater. I am happy with a cup of coffee and after the first day of training, I realise that we will be constantly fed. Tea break, lunch break and evening tea break before returning to hotel. However, on the first weekend in Perth, I had to breakfast because we had sightseeing activities. So, on this Saturday, by the time I walked into Miss Maud Restaurant at about 9.15am, my counterparts were already eagerly tucking into food. They were in full swing. All the way nonstop for getting the best out of free buffet breakfast. In fact, they kept recommending I should try this dish, that dish or every other dish. Breakfast indeed looked tempting, a good selection to perk up your morning glory energy level. Seemingly, as good as my previous buffet dinner, I helped myself to sunny side egg, sauteed herbs mushrooms, scrambled eggs and dashes of some of the sauces. Coffee of course is a must for punch waking up my tongue, throat and tummy, for the next round, I tucked into chocolate muffin and sweetened oats with strawberries.  

Choc muffin was truly nice. Soft, spongy and buttoned up generously with choc chips, which I think you can buy at the closest by Miss Maud Pastry House Cafe, between the rest of their freshly baked pastries and confectioneries. Oats berries however was just so-so okay, though berries are not cheap in Malaysia, so, I had aplenty of it. Food on the whole in Miss Maud Restaurant is a splendor. You should give a go if you are in Murray Street or anywhere within your means of coming over. 


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  1. This restaurant looks like it has great range and a real homely style :)

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  2. I've not been to Perth for such a long time. This postis giving me the urge!

  3. Great !! The restaurant is available with good facility and also has good accommodation and services..

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