Saturday, December 29, 2012

Da Sa Rang Korean Restaurant - SS15, Subang Jaya

I've figured out. To entertain my Australian counterparts, simple can be. Take them to any eateries and they will love the food and love you also. Previously I took the young handsome man to Restaurant Abirami and he wouldn't stop thanking me. Today, despite being busy marking hundreds of answer scripts and trying my level best to pass the students, out of convenience, I took Brian to the nearest Da Sa Rang. Such a crawling distance from the office, soon we were already seated in this Korean restaurant. Brian didn't mind I took charge of ordering, so I called for bibimbap and grilled pork shoulder and green tea has to be the drink.  

Neat and quite spacious the ambiance, the little portions of sides in little bowls/plates always the way to the stomach at Korean restaurants (Da Jang Geum). More so, these are always good to nibble and munch for the various flavours and healthiness and Brian agreed on the tastiness.     

Next came the bibimbap - hot rice, meat, veggies, spicy sauce and a raw egg atop. Now, please sit back and let the waiter do the mixing of the ingredients. After all, we pay service charge right?? Once all mixed up, we tucked into the mix of flavours - a little salty, a little spicy and a whole lot hearty until we polished off every bit while sipping the green tea. 

Just then arrived the grilled pork shoulders - charred on the outside, tender meat and aplenty of fats. Sinful yet sinfully my kind of food. We ate a few pieces and the balance I packed back for dinner (yehh!! dinner solved). 
The bill surprisingly the "Mat Salleh" paid half (seldom you know - RM65.00) and commented that it was a fabulous meal (see, I told you so??) seldom affordable in Perth, his first experience of Korean food and he had already taken a few pictures to show his family "down under". 

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  1. the pork slices looks so delicious..
    best when eat with a slice of lettuce.. GOOD

  2. I like Korean food! bibimbap is nice, especially, the slightly charred parts at the side. Like claypot.

  3. Delicious food Nava. I need to try Bibimbap

  4. I've been to this restaurant before but your article sure makes me want to eat Korean food again, it certainly gets one in the mood to enjoy food and its presentation, the photography of the meat dish and everything else is fantastic


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