Saturday, December 22, 2012

Coconut Jelly With Mango

Tell me now please, who ever said its difficult to make desserts, especially our much loved Malaysian desserts (Sago Gula Melaka, Pandan Poached PearsSaffron Cinnamon Poached Pear). Not me though, okay, maybe like I always say, there's a call for a Western like cakes and desserts (Chocolate Rum Tart, Cherry Vanilla Rice Pudding & Honeydew Melon Cake) every now and then, but I like to keep it simple with desserts. Take this Malaysian dessert for example. Affordable mangoes  are available throughout the year (Mango Cucumber Salad), the local as well as from nearby countries (Mango Cheesecake), and (Mango 7-up Mocktail & Mango Chutney) fresh coconut milk (Coconut Grapefruit Jelly & Watermelon Milk Sorbet), Malaysia has it all the time too (Nyonya Curry Laksa & Nasi Lemak Prawn Sambal).

So, what else is there for me to say except don't procrastinate in making this one of the simplest Malaysian dessert. Jelly made with agar-agar, coconut milk and sugar, once set, just pair it with fresh mangoes. But remember, such a jelly possibly must be eaten within the next two days, otherwise, it will become watery. Or if you like frozen jelly, freeze it then. Oh, you can also bring it to work and share with your colleagues. But remember, only the sincere colleagues, not the ones who will greedily eat and then carry your tail to your boss. 
1/2 packet agar-agar/seaweed strands - soaked for 1/2 hour to soften. 
1 1/2 cups water
1 cup thick coconut milk
1/2 cup sugar (or as preferred)
1 medium size mango - remove skin and cubed.

Simmer water and sugar till heated through.
Add agar-agar and stir to dissolve. 
Now stir in coconut milk for 1 min  or two. 
Remove from heat, strain mixture and pour into moulds. 
Cool down and chill in the fridge. 
Once set, gently slide jelly from mould and serve with mango cubes.
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  1. I love desserts but not the horribly sweet ones. What you have made is a good and tasty idea. Healthy too!

  2. This is yummy! anything for a mango desert.

  3. Nava these two are my favorite fruits.Love this combo very much.

  4. i am the complete opposite of you...dessert is my favorite part of the meal! lol. sometimes, i just want to skip my meal and jump straight to dessert...hahaha.

    your mango jelly looks DELICIOUS!

  5. wow, this is all i need this summers. Very flavoursome and inviting :)

  6. I have tasted this here...very very yum.... Urs look perfect


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