Saturday, November 10, 2012

Prawn Yogurt Salad

I tend to go overboard when buying ingredients for my cooking. I bought more than enough prawns for my recipe of Nasi Lemak with Prawn Sambal. The prawns were so fresh that I couldn't hold myself back from buying more.  Anyway, the balance of the prawns were stored in the freezer.  In the same week, I had a few guests coming over. Well, that was the right timing to use the prawns for a salad.  I was up and about looking for more ingredients in my fridge. As usual, my fridge was always stored with vegetables and out came the zucchini, red capsicum, cabbage, salad leaves and spring onions.

There are many variations of how the sauce for a prawn salad can be made.  If you have made prawn salad before, I am sure you have your own style for the sauce. Mine is nothing unusual but I prefer yogurt to mayonnaise. How about a splash of Tabasco sauce?  You should try it if you like a peppery punch in the salad.  To remove the raw smell of the prawns, I blanched them with a teaspoon of fresh ginger paste.

The prawn salad served as a starter impressed my guests who did not mind the acidic taste of the Tabasco sauce. You can also have the salad with toasted bread slices or stuffed into a croissant. For a super light meal, enjoy the bowl of prawn salad just by itself.

10-15 medium size prawns – remove skin and de-vein
1 tsp ginger paste
½ red capsicum – cubed
½ zucchini – cubed
3-4 cabbage leaves – shredded
1 stalk spring onion - shredded 
Salad leaves

For the sauce
2 tbsp yogurt
A splash of Tabasco sauce
2 tbsp olive oil
Salt for taste
Blanch prawns with ginger paste.
When cool down, slice prawns into two pieces.
Combine all ingredients for the sauce and blend until smooth.
Add prawns, capsicum, zucchini, cabbage, spring onion and salt for taste.
Toss together and served on a bowl lined with salad leaves.
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  1. Now here's a prawn recipe I can actually go for! My husband loves them but I'm kind of 'meh' and since I'm the cook, that means he never gets them ;) This could be a good way for me to bring them to my table!

  2. looks good! I like this type of salad!

  3. What gorgeous pics you took of the food. Looks insanely delicious!

  4. Such a refreshing and beautiful flavour combo :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. Beautiful salad, Nava! And I love the bit of spiciness from the Tabasco :)

  6. im a fan of prawn salad!! but never try yet the one mix with yugort i bet it taste so good!!

  7. if nt mistaken i ate this before love this so much~

  8. hi nava- slad looks fantastic and crisp. happy deepavali to you and family. have a nice day

  9. I yet to use yoghurt to make salad. I know Indians love to use yoghurt as an ingredient & it's so healthy. I must really learn from u gals!

  10. This salad is bursting with flavor. the green lettuce leaves are popping out of my screen.

  11. I love prawn salads. Love the idea of using yogurt for that healthy touch and extra flavour!

  12. Beautiful cold salad. Love the yogurt and shrimp combo. So healthy in comparison with mayo :)


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