Friday, November 9, 2012

Perth, Australia - My Knowledge Travel Venture (Part 1)

Perth was next. Within the next two months upon returning from my quite an adventurous bone wracking joyous Cambodia and Vietnam holiday (Hanoi Vietnam My Tour Venture) Actually, Perth was akin dropped from the sky (Bangkok Thailand Through My Lens). I really didn't expect I will be the one selected for the one week knowledge thirsting training program. Took me by surprise (Malacca Malaysia Travel By Nava K). Wonder why actually? I myself on my own couldn't figure out. Then again, why should the hack I reject it when its gonna be improvement on my work performance, and lets see if I can throw in some sightseeing. But let me tell you that since its gonna be my second in line travelling alone, solo jittery sincerely didn't let me go. Fear. What else except fear. Yes fear I admit. Fear which kept pounding my head upside down. Somehow I manage to sidetrack fear by putting my trust on my trustworthy positive attitude. I packed and at the airport, I kissed and said bye-bye to my other half who accompanied me till the last point before I continued with the necessary requirements for taking off from Malaysia to Perth. 

All seemingly turned out well. In fact, I made friend with this elderly Indian man who was seated beside while we were train heading to our respective terminals. He too is travelling alone, flying off to London for leisure sightseeing. We spoke and that’s when I found out that his wife is not a keen traveler. Probably the logical reason why he is doing it by himself. Why not? Isn’t it the practically instead of rocking our marriage by pestering our spouse to travel with us? Of course. I know so. Why do you think I have already started travelling on my own? Blessing of course without a doubt is showered by my other half-half. Otherwise, I don’t think a married woman like me will feel at peace venturing by myself.    

The awaited time arrived and I was lifted up in the air, prior to arriving in Perth approximately within the next 4 hours. Hell started thereafter. Wonder what was with the whole spilling over list of questions? Do I look like someone who desperately want to hide in Perth or force an Aussie man to marry me so that I can take up a space in Australia’s map of residence? Oh please. Come of it. I love my Indian other half-half to death, white men by the way have never interested me. They can’t even be my glass of water when my dark skin love of my life sincerely fills me in every which way. Potentially no one else can take his place. Anyway, at the airport, I was stopped by the officer who wanted to know what I will be doing in Perth. I flashed all the necessary emails I made sure I carried with me, smartest of travelling I guess had taught me on covering my ass should I be suspected by airport authorities as a potential terrorist. Pass! Next round of interrogation came from the bitchy female officer who literally shouted in my ears. Must be because I had declared I am carrying some sweets in my bag. Honestly, she was literally screaming until I couldn't get it why she was akin in trance. Thank god common sense quickly prevail. I showed her the sweets, she in return snubbed prior to leaving me alone. Sickening. Treating foreigners as though we are dirt? And for people actually say Australia is the best place to live? Dang!

The other idiot I encountered later was the cab driver. Instead of dropping me in front of Ms Maud Swedish Hotel, he stopped across the road. Silly Billy Huge Cow! Did I dare argue? Neh! I should have actually, but I didn’t want to rock the Australian boat. Dragging my luggage and myself into the hotel and after the prerequisite checking in, I was helped to my second floor room. Lovely. Rather a small room, but I sincerely loved it. Window facing the roof top open garden, and everything else spic and span. Nothing to complain. Honestly none.

For the next two hours, I walked aimlessly within Murray Street. Not very far though. Basically, I walked, I paused and I continued walking, by next hour, I got a wholesome picture of what it is like in Perth. Akin I was back in Malaysia. You name it, you  see multicolored people. Cosmopolitan population. Perth is basically another busy city like the rest in other parts of the world. Nothing special neither great. It’s the usual traffic, eateries, watering holes, tall buildings and shopping.

Back to my room for refreshing up, thereafter I headed for buffet dinner in Ms Maud Restaurant. Prior booking was already done the moment the fear instilled by my Malaysian friends who kept telling me that Perth is dead by 5.00 kept repeatedly playing on my mind. They specifically told me that I should pack food to be eaten in my room. How wrong these people are? Wonder which part of Perth they were thrown in? Seemingly, that was not the case. Murray Street by itself is happening and those eateries presumably are open till at least 7.00pm. Wish I knew earlier. A bit too late to regret, by 7.30pm, I was already seated in Maud Restaurant. Impressive. Pleasant manager, beautiful homey romantic ambiance and I tucked into an appetizing appreciated meal. Not bad. Ms Maud Restaurant must be recognized for its wholesome package.

Returning back to my room, I then realise that  I have jumped the gun by wasting my AUS50 because my stay in Ms Maud Hotel is inclusive of buffet breakfast in Ms Maud Restaurant for the next one week. Grrr!! Training indeed began the next day. Transport provided to and fro from hotel, I met the rest of the other counterparts who are also staying in Ms Maud Hotel. Training did crack my skull into two, imagine a whole day of, from 9 to 5 learning for 5 days? Relaxing mode got tuned up once we returned from training, subsequently we did venture to some of the eateries for dinner. Albeit bill spilled between us, it is still expensive for a Malaysian like me to dine in Perth, taking into consideration the exchange rate and food in Perth can’t definitely in any way technically knocked down our spoilt for choice Malaysian varieties. Let me stop here with this Part 1. Stay tuned for my Part 2 Perth venture.   

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  1. oh you went to Australia! I have never been there before.

  2. Love the pretty and homely!

  3. The the surrounding greenery is such a twist to a classy location :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. I seee~ Lovely place that outside the restaurant, they do plant herbs. :) Smell good don't they?

    Meitzeu @ Blog

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