Friday, November 9, 2012

Miss Maud Swedish Hotel - Murray Street, Perth (Australia)

My travelling bag has been put to good use so far. First the solo trip to Bangkok and later the tour with unknown people to Vietnam and Cambodia. These two travel ventures made me realise that travelling alone is way better then with friends who will either fuss for every apparent reason or are just too boring as travel companions (Malacca trip). Truly confident that I can take care of myself, I then booked a cruise tour. But so happened that in between the two months waiting time, I was chosen for the one week training program in Perth. Of course I didn't refuse. I mean why I should let go of the chance to improve my skills and if possible, to explore Perth as well. Before I left, I was told that Perth is a boring place. Nothing to do and I should pack food because shops close by 5pm. 
Any way I packed, said bye to my other half, got on flight and after 4 hours, arrived at Perth airport. Maybe because I looked panicky, I was stopped after clearing immigration. The officer had a string of questions about why I am in Perth, what I will be doing, where I will be staying etc. etc. To cut short the long conversation, I took out the given literary with all the details from my handbag and showed him. Immediately another clearance before getting into the cab to arrive at Ms. Maud. The taxi driver I thought was a jack-ass. Instead of stopping in front, he stopped across the road and expected me to drag my big luggage and another hand carried bag to the hotel. I paid and didn't bother to say anything to him. 

Ms Maud is still maintained as a traditional boutique hotel, so either you get into the small lift or walk up the staircase. I was helped out with the bags before entering the room. The room quite small but suppose for one person, its okay. A queen size bed, a table facing the windows and the open area where herbs are grown, a bathroom, a cupboard. a tv and that's about all in the room. 

Since it was still early (4pm), I walked around the hotel, took a couple of picture and later walked along Murray street.

And so I walked up and down the street wondering what I can do. Expect for noticing that to love Perth is to love all the Asians who are now part of the big population, I was lost. Worried about food, I booked for a buffet dinner at Ms Maud restaurant just beside the hotel.

To be continued. 

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  1. oh you went to Australia! I have never been there before.

  2. Love the pretty and homely!

  3. The the surrounding greenery is such a twist to a classy location :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. I seee~ Lovely place that outside the restaurant, they do plant herbs. :) Smell good don't they?

    Meitzeu @ Blog

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    Meitzeu @ Twitter


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