Friday, November 9, 2012

Miss Maud Swedish Hotel - Murray Street, Perth (Australia)

My travelling bags, so far has been put to good use. First the solo trip to Bangkok, thereafter, the Vietnam and Cambodia tour with unknown people. These two travel ventures were definitely an eye-opener to travelling alone compared to with friends (Malacca trip) and ruining the friendship. Thus, when I was the "chosen one" for the one week Curtin University training, I was confident but deep down, honestly, a little nervous.  

Arriving in Perth airport after 4 hours, maybe because I looked panicky, twice I was stopped before the immigration clearance for a whole list of questions - whats the purpose of this travel, where I will be staying, how long etc etc. If not for the detailed documents I showed the officers, perhaps?? Next, the cab ride and the foreign driver had no mercy. He stopped across Ms Maud hotel without even considering how troublesome it will be to cross the road while struggling with the heavy luggage and bags. Lucky him! If it was my country, I would have shelled shocked him.  

Ms Maud Hotel, a traditional boutique hotel and to the room, the small lift or work your legs. I was helped with the bags to the single clean room with standard amenities and a nice view of the rooftop where herbs are grown.    

I then  walked up and down the cosmopolitan street and truly, I thought I was back in Malaysia. Well the same daily busy life - all sorts of people, office workers going back home and peak hour traffic. In fact, mostly Chinese staff in the retails outlets I walked into and who ever said everything shuts down by 5.00pm in Perth?? No, no, not really.

Coming up next - Ms Maud Restaurant. 

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  1. oh you went to Australia! I have never been there before.

  2. Love the pretty and homely!

  3. The the surrounding greenery is such a twist to a classy location :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. I seee~ Lovely place that outside the restaurant, they do plant herbs. :) Smell good don't they?

    Meitzeu @ Blog

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    Meitzeu @ Twitter


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