Friday, November 9, 2012

Miss Maud Swedish Hotel - Murray Street, Perth, Australia - Part 1

I flew to Perth for a week’s training program with all expenses taken care of. Before I left, I was told by my friends and colleagues that Perth is a boring and quiet place. They also shared that eateries and shops shut down by 5pm and I should pack food if I feel like having a meal later in the night. I listened  but it didn’t really bother me.  As long as there’s wifi connection in the hotel, I am fine and being a small eater, I can survive on hot drinks.  

I said bye bye to my other half, got into the flight and after 4 hours, arrived in Perth airport. I was stopped twice, once by the immigration personnel who wanted to know what I am in Perth for.  I explained and he was ok with my answer. Next was the customs lady officer who was practically shouting into my ears.  I was lost and went blank on what she was up to. After listening carefully, I realized that she wanted to know whether I was carrying any food stuff. Earlier on flight, I declared that I was carrying food, the 4 packets of fisherman’s lozenges.  I took out the packets from my handbag and she gave me a blank look. I froze for a while but she turned away to other passengers and I walked out of customs. 

I got into the cab and there I was on my way to Ms Maud. Instead of stopping in front of the hotel, the taxi driver stopped across, took my heavy luggage out and stared at me for the taxi fare. Whatever, I carried my luggage and another bag into the hotel.  I collected my key and went to the my room on the second floor.

This room was probably the smallest I have ever stayed in before but I loved the setting and ambience.  There was a queen size bed,
a work table,
a small cupboard,
the TV and a small portable table rack for my luggage.
The bathroom on the other hand was sparkling squeaky clean with the essential toiletries.

I had the best view because my room was facing the small rooftop herb garden.
At once, I went to have a closer look at the herbs.  I guess these are herbs grown to be used for the cooking in Ms Maud restaurant.

Stay tuned for the followed up in our Part 2. 

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  1. oh you went to Australia! I have never been there before.

  2. Love the pretty and homely!

  3. The the surrounding greenery is such a twist to a classy location :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. I seee~ Lovely place that outside the restaurant, they do plant herbs. :) Smell good don't they?

    Meitzeu @ Blog

    Meitzeu @ Facebook

    Meitzeu @ Twitter


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