Monday, November 12, 2012

Double One Bistro & Pub - Kelana Business Centre (Kelana Jaya)

We were at Kelana Business Center around 11.30am for an appointment. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the appointment had been pushed to 2pm. It gave us an opportunity to start our day with an early lunch. We went on a search and find mission for an eatery.  I was the hero who stumbled upon Double One Bistro.

The bistro was practically empty but soon the lunch time crowd started streaming in. From the laminated lunch menu, each of us picked our choice. The set lunch priced at RM10.80 came with a  soup, the main course and coffee or tea.
Obviously the bistro was a drinking hole and must be alive and kicking for the night birds.

Within minutes, we were served with small bowls of clear vegetable soup.
My two lunch partners went easy with the soup but I bull-dozed everything. What can you expect  from a person who doesn't have breakfast?  Have you realised that when you are hungry, any kind of food  will taste delicious?  I felt the same. Next was the main course and mine was the tom yam seafood noodles.
The big serving of tom yam noodles was fortified with plenty of vegetables and few pieces of squids, prawns and fish balls. Maybe I should not be saying this but you know what? The soup tasted very artificial, somewhat flavoured with instant tom yam paste. I was hungry and I had to eat. I finished half of the noodles and kept staring at my lunch partner's sambal sotong (squids) served with rice. He was ok with the taste.  I digged in and yes, the taste was not too bad.
My other lunch partner was equally pleased with the taste of the Chinese fried rice.
Guess I made the wrong choice but then again, tom yam is my fav and it's hard to resist. We had our coffee, paid the bill and left.  Overall it was a decent lunch, nothing fancy or frilly. Revisiting this bistro is out of the question but who knows, I may drop by for a couple of drinks at night to check how happening the night life can be.

Double One is situated at
11B, Block A, Kelana Business Center
No 97, Jalan SS7/2
Kelana Jaya

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  1. have pass by this place but didnt stop and try out. will keep this place in mind for future :)

  2. Mmmm serene and delicious by day, crazy by night - sounds like fun :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. Sorry your dish wasn't top notch! But it was worth a try!

  4. I would love to try the sambal sotong cause I love squids! Just pretty hard to resist.

  5. You'll never know till you try. Malaysia must begin a restaurant review service "Yelp" for diners to seek out options when dining outside :)


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