Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lohas Lifestyle Cafe - Kota Kemuning, Herbalife Building

Lunch with this close friend can be tricky because he is a big fan of the nasi lemak at Old Town White Coffee  (Kota Kemuning or  Subang Avenue). For the love of the nasi lemak, he managed to convince me for another revisit and I agreed. But as we drove out of Kota Kemuning, he somehow agreed to lunch at Lohan Lifestyle Cafe - tastefully decorated,  spacious and with lovely contrast of colours for the comforting ambiance.

Walking in at about 2pm and with a few customers around, from the menu featuring healthy dishes, we picked our choice and ordered. 

Since its been quite a while I have not devoured into a western meal, I opted for cheezy chicken chop whereas being a true and typical Malaysian, the friend ordered Cantonese seafood noodle and for drinks, watermelon juice and Milo ice. Just then, to our surprise, we were served hot lemongrass drink, complimentary from the house. The hot drink was soothing and refreshing with the lemongrass aroma and not overly sweet.
Arriving soon were the mains - Cheezy Chicken Chop paired with coleslaw, boiled veggies, corn and bun. The tender chicken topped with oozy cheese and sprinkled with crushed pepper was a yum factor and the pairing with the vegetables definitely for the healthiness.
The friend however was a little disappointed with the Cantonese Seafood. Apparently, the flavours in the dish didn't come through as quite right and wasn't as tasty as those from hawker stalls.
As for the drinks, the slushy watermelon was definitely refreshing and the Milo ice, thick, creamy and with a generous topping of Milo. The chilled dessert with soft  slices of pear,  just so simple yet undeniable I loved the simplicity.

RM49.45 for this meal? Well, if you don't mind paying, you won't mind returning to Lohas Lifestyle for the healthy food and drinks.

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  1. I think Ronald is right,
    you should have gone to Old town White coffee,
    much tastier and cheaper too.

  2. I like anything herbal as it's good for our health. Don't think we've this kind of cafe around....

  3. I see this shop before but have not try yet..
    I think they have lunch delivery to the nearby area ...

  4. Can't argue on pricing since I think Lohas is using healthier ingredients minus the MSG. Must say that the chicken certainly looks cheesy!

  5. Sauna Noodles sound interesting.

    Would love to try the pot tea.

  6. Both good and bad points my friend but at least the msg free was a major plus :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. Great that it's MSG free, not got a cafe like this near me!

  8. at the first place, i thought lohas is a vegan cafe! but sounds like it's a good choice for the health conscious

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