Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Santa'S Fast Food - MBK Mall, Bangkok (Thailand)

As advised by one of the staff of Pathumwan Hotel, I walked to the adjourning MDK shopping mall in search of food.  I had about half an hour to fill up my stomach before the tour agent arrives, for my sightseeing which I have already arranged.  Santa's was right in front of me and after a quick glance at their menu, I decided to have my lunch here.

From their set menu, I picked the chicken chop which came with a soft drink. I paid RM6.90++ at the self service counter and carried my food and drink to one of the empty tables.

The serving of chicken chop with rice, fried egg and a simple raw salad was alright but I needed some sauce, a spicy dose  as usual.  
I noticed that there was a side self service counter with bottles of chili and tomato ketchup and among these, was a big bowl of Thai style chili dipping sauce.  There I was, scooping the Thai dipping sauce and back to my table, drizzle the spicy sauce all over my spread.
Whether the chicken was great or not I am not sure but the sauce was yummy, made from fish sauce, with additions of bird eye chilies and pieces of garlic.  I needed the Coke to wash off the burning sensation I felt in my throat, slowly going down to my tummy.
I wish the fast food outlets in my country offers a similar spicy dipping sauce rather than the standard chili and tomato sauces. I was impressed that for the amount I paid, I had a complete meal which came in a big portion too.  I finished of my lunch and in a jiffy headed back to the hotel feeling excited over my sightseeing tour. I will be sharing the places I went to in my next post, so do check it out.

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  1. I would be impressed to my friend, good standard and heartiness :D
    Great post!

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. Birds eye chili, garlic and fish sauce is one of my fave dips!

  3. hi nava, your food looks delicious..i agree that the chili adds flavor and makes it more appetizing huh.
    when i was there last time, the thing i miss most was the original Thai cultural show- its too far away and the massive traffic jam made it impossible to go. I tried more than 3 times. ha ha . have a nice day

  4. BKK food is indeed very delicious and cheap. It never fails to impress me. =)

  5. bangkok :) wish to go there too :3

  6. Would love to check this place out the next time I'm there!


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