Sunday, September 9, 2012

Philea Resort & Spa (Malacca, Malaysia) - Day 2 Breakfast

Day 1 in Malacca was about sightseeing(Chen Hoon Teng TempleKampung Kling MosqueChrist Church and Malacca River Cruiseand eating (Bess KopitiamGula KetukBistro Year 1673 and Eleven Bistro For Day 2, at about 8.30am, we walked from the chalet in Philea Resort to the dining area for buffet breakfast. The area was a small space all cramped up. Back to back tables and chairs, hardly any space to walk around and packed with golfers. Choices for food and drinks were ample but nothing that great compared to other hotels and resorts I have stayed before.

I didn't feeling comfortable seating so close with the rest. Anyway, what's there to say when that's how it was. Also, it didn't really matter for I usually skip breakfast. Even if I do, I have a cup of coffee and eat just to fill up my tummy. My friends on the hand didn't stop eating and I guess its okay for they got their money worth.  

While we ate, I asked them what's their plan for the rest of the day. Should we go back to Malacca town or if there's other things to do nearby? Both kept quiet and didn't utter a word. Despite asking over and over, they blankly stared at me and again didn't commit to anything. Within an hour, we were back to the chalet. Before I knew, lady fair was fast asleep while the husband was glued to the tv. Well, a fault start for the day I suppose. So much for travelling with boring people. Instead of seating around, I got ready and walked to the reception to find out where can I go. The staff suggested the Malacca Reptile & Reptile Sanctuary. Just behind the resort. Off I went. Do read about it in the next post.

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  1. breakfast is a must for me. i am always waking up hungry...

  2. bro, good pics, am hungry now :(

  3. U're going to so many spa resorts! I'm so jealous of u...

  4. that breakfast will make me skip lunch.

  5. What a marvelous spread! I think this breakfast would please anyone :)

  6. Such variety... so hard to choose:) It all looks good.

  7. last time I wanted to stay there but it was fully booked..

  8. The breakfast spread is so versatile :D
    Loving it!

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. Awesome buffet. Super awesome resort. Love it :)


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