Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pathumwan Princess Hotel (Bangkok) - Part 2

I walked out my room in Pathumwan Hotel while trying to figure out on what I should do for the rest of day in Bangkok. Definitely staying locked up and staring at the walls of the room will drive me crazy. Thus I went back to the reception area and enquired on how can I book a tour for sightseeing.. The staff then directed me to the travel agent on the ground floor.

I read through the brochures, selected a half day sightseeing around the city and paid for it. In between there was a gap of an hour before the driver fetches from the hotel. Instead of sitting like an angel in the lounge, I walked all the hotel to know about it and what else an I do here. Obviously the Christmas spirit was already in the air because the hotel's beautiful deco of Christmas trees reminded me that people will be rejoicing the festive season in another 3 weeks time.

Christmas as we all know is not always about us and that was a strong message from the hotel too. s.  

I then went up to the first floor and noted that I had choice on which type and which restaurant I want to eat in.

The large and clean swimming pool would be a good for a dip but since I can't swim for nuts, I struck it off from my mine. Of course I can also parade myself in a sexy bikini in front of the all the men on the pretext that I can swim.

I had a spa treatment on my mine and that cannot be for the day. Maybe if I wanted to, I can try for the next day because I have extended my stay in the hotel.  Next I went up to the 8th floor via the lift and saw the big open area which I think will a place to chill and unwind during the later part of the evening.

The signboards here indicated the facilities available at the hotel.
I stood at the edge of the balcony and had a good look at the overall view of Bangkok city and some of the tall buildings and structures.

By now my stomach was growling and I knew it was time to tuck in some food. And so I came down again and went over over to the adjourning shopping mall to see what I can eat.

Up next: Santa'S Fast Food, MBK Mall.

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  1. It's scary to know time passes so fast & X'mas seaason is already near. Spa & shopping also makes it hard for me to decide. Lol!

  2. lucky u, u seems to always get to travel

  3. I love the lil greenery in the first pic:D

    And its a reminder that Christmas is coming soon!

  4. That open courtyard looks like a perfect place to have a drink and read a good novel. Hope the tour was good :)

  5. Good morning ms.nava bangkok is a beautiful place i wish i can be there someday :)

    take care and may god blessed you always.. :)

  6. I love going to BKK. My favourite place in BKK is platinum mall! That place is a maze and I can stay there for 2 full days! YOu shold go there nex time =)

  7. it is a nice hotel.. and Pathumwan area is famous.

  8. What a beautiful hotel my friend, I love the surroundings and atmosphere :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. The hotel looks so nice.. I have yet to go to BKK but it's definitely in my list. So near, yet so far (for now).


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