Monday, September 17, 2012

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook - Slim And Light

I can live without my blackberry but not without my laptop.  My life will collapse if I am not connected to the rest of the world via internet. Never mind if I don't speak to anyone but I must be online because blogging and facebooking has become part and parcel of what I do everyday. The laptop which has been serving me faithfully has no issues and still works wonders.  What has been killing me is the weight of the laptop especially when I have to check in and out of airports.  Its like carrying a bomb, causing a pulling sensation and tensed the muscle  on one side of my shoulders, carrying the bag with the laptop inside.

My other half was continuously reminding me to purchase a new laptop. With his advice (and his money too), I started to look out for a new laptop, something lighter and not much of a burden to carry. The search lead me to Dell's Ultrabook as well as to other brands of laptops.  I am a staunch supporter of Dell and no other brand is good for me except Dell.  Maybe not their products but their customer service is excellent.  By the way, all of my previous computers and laptops were Dell brands and I have enough experience on their excellent customer service.  One call and the service technician arrives at my door step.

I made a phone call and the staff on the other end listened to my requirements, explained the details, technical aspect and specifications.  My knowledge on the technical aspects of laptops is so so but my main concern was  a laptop with a large memory, to download pictures and most importantly a slim and light weighted laptop. We spoke and I had to customized the ultrabook as per my needs. I also ordered a pouch, a mouse (I still need a mouse) and a gadget for manual internet connection.

I paid via my credit care, approximately RM4600.00 and the ultrabook arrived earlier than I expected.

I have been using the ultrabook for 2 months.  So far so good and when I carried my ultrabook for my holiday to Denmark and Norway, I was convinced that  I made the right decision, purchasing the ultrabook.   

It was worth the buy but some of my friends think that I should have opted for other brands. Their opinions did not change on how I felt about the ultrabook. Maybe it was little pricey but the ultrabook was what I was looking for, a super slim and light laptop to be carried when I travel. 

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  1. first time see an IT post from u =)

  2. Looks Nice, but I lost faith in Dell, now going with Toshiba.

  3. Glad you are enjoying your Dell Ultrabook!

  4. Sounds like something I need, Nava. I've been a Dell user for years, too.

  5. hey good :3 i just change my lappie to dell inspiron

  6. So sleek, I love how every laptop gets thinner :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. wow Ms.Nava it is really thin and is a good investment ;)

  8. I want an ultrabook -- it looks so light and portable for travels.


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