Saturday, August 4, 2012

Zerotohundred - TimeToAttack (Round 2)

When I was extended an invitation by Ronald Chan from Vaux RS for another car event, I could not say no. I am not a big  car enthusiast but I do get pleasure in seeing and admiring different model of cars. The event organised by Zerotohundred fell on a Sunday and that my other half was not around, I hopped into Ronald's car for our journey to Sepang International Circuit. A big massive crowd I must say attended the event and I tagged along with Ronald during the few hours we spend here. The activities lined up for the 8.00am to 6pm event were:

1.  Massive 100 performance cars and rare exotics tearing up the circuit
2.  Breathtaking view of the TimeToAttack 100 cars parade lap tradition
3.  Exciting Toyota 86 Demo featuring Tengku Djan
4.  TTA's new blood:  1000hp twin turbo gallardo, Mclaren MP4-12C, F458
5.  McKee drags info featuring over 50 supercars on Sepang's main straights
6.  Conemasters International Gymkhana at the trackside all-day

I wish I can explain in detail some of the terminologies as mentioned above but there's so much only I know about cars. Though Ronald did take the trouble to explain the details, I was only interested in screening the cars and digesting bits of other information related to the event.  Let me move on with sharing the beautiful images of the cars and mentioning all the sponsors/people who came together to make this event a success.
Title Sponsor

Event Partners:
Mc Kee Racing
Exotic Mods

Motorsport Playground
K Sport Racing
Works Engineering
N1 Racing
Warranty Smart
Brand a Vision

The only setback was the rain, pouring in between the whole day.  Although the umbrellas we had did shelter us from the rain, it was quite messy when it came to taking the pictures. Overall, I had a great time and and now over to Vaux RS for whatever you would like to know about the cars and the event.

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  1. Very interesting motoring event with all the powerful cars.


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