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Wonder Foods To Unclog Arteries The Natural Way

What will life be without food??? For me, life will be boring without food because I look forward to eating. I cannot stand hunger and if I don't eat, I am not able to function properly.  Therefore, I try not to skip meals and have my meals about the same time everyday unless and until this cannot be avoided.  I am not a picky eater and a simple meal goes a long way.

My meals are mostly prepared at home though I do frequent hawker stalls and restaurants. For the last couple of years or so, I have been careful in the types of ingredients I use for my meals. It's more of healthy choices of ingredients, for the essentials of rice, cooking oil, salt and sugar etc etc. I have made the switch by  using olive and canola oil for frying, basmati rice rather than any other types of rice out there, organic salt and sugar for seasoning and flavoring.  One serving of vegetable is a must and this can be raw salads which we rotate between the stir fried varieties.

I was glad when I got to know Maznah and her blog of Cooking Varieties - Food  And Health Benefits.   From the articles on her blog, I have gathered practical knowledge on other ways of incorporating healthy ingredients into my cooking.  I  look forward to her articles because she also shares her expertise on  the different methods of healthy cooking for home cooked meals.

Maznah accepted my request for a guest post on my blog and let's now move on with what she has for us today.

Hi everyone, I am Wan Maznah.  I blog on foodies at "Cooking Varieties".  Up keeping to the name "varieties", my blog is a composition of many things culinary, including recipes, health benefits, food art/jokes, cooking techniques and tips.  I would love to be a culinary artist with designer foodies that pleases both the palates and the eyes.

I always welcome guest posts in my blog and Nava had done three special guest posts for me, of which, until today attract many daily visitors.  Nava, I am very happy and honored to be in your esteem space.  We will continue to excel in our blogging ventures and wish the same to all our blogger friends from east to west, bringing our culinary talents together on the same dining table.  Thank you and have a nice day from Maznah -

A doctor may give a wide options, such as enzyme supplements to anyone diagnosed with clogged arteries. In extreme cases, surgery is recommended.  There are foods which we can eat in order to help unclog arteries naturally.
List of great foods to unclog arteries
1-Garlic: The greatest wonder food of them all! Try to eat at least 1 to 3 cloves a day, raw or cooked. Studies showed that regular consumption of garlic reduces cholesterol by at least 10 percent, and helps maintain clean arteries. When garlic is crushed or chewed in raw form, it will produce “allicin”. Allicin cannot be formed from cooked garlic.. Allicin is an antibiotic and antifungal compound. It also helps speedy recovery from strep throat…

2-Grape Juice: Grape skin/seed extract possess fantastic heart-health properties. Made from whole grapes, it is effective in clearing arteries. It contains powerful flavonoids (natural anti oxidants from plants) which prevent cholesterol stickage, reduces inflammation and blood clots and keeps blood vessels clear.

3-Cherries: The tasty fruit contains more than 17 compounds that help unclog clogged arteries. These compounds give cherries their red color.
4-Strawberries: Similar to cherries, they contain a wide range of compounds which cut cholesterol levels and help clear out arteries. Strawberries are also packed full of antioxidants.
5-Sweet Potatoes: Jam packed with cholesterol-lowering fiber, beta carotene, and other compounds, a great food to help clear up you arteries.
The Center for Science in the Public Interest, compared vegetables based on the nutritional value .
The Result: The sweet potato ranked highest in nutritional value- 184 points
Next, number two, is the common potato - 84 points
What a great difference, then followed by the other vegetables.
6-Green Tea: Just one cup a day of quality green tea contains a large number of flavinoids which provides antioxidant protection. In addition, green tea contains ‘procyanidins’, which help prevent the formation of blood clots.
Green tea is so effective as a diet aid because it increases your metabolism and reduces your appetite.
Cholesterol will oxidize. This oxidized cholesterol can stick to your artery walls and clog them up.
7-Olive Oil: Omega-3 fatty acids are in abundance in olive oil, which counters the inflammatory effects of omega-6 found in vegetable oils. Particles of LDL, or bad cholesterol which is found in olive oil are much less likely to become oxidized than they are in other oils. Only oxidized cholesterol can stick to your artery walls and clog them up.
8-Salmon: Another great source of omega- 3 fats. Herring and tuna are also recommended. Wild salmon, is particularly rich in the omega-3 fats, and these help keep your arteries clean. Wild salmon is better than deep water fish such as tuna, as they contain less toxins.
9-Spinach: Packed with vitamin C and vitamin A. These compounds help prevent cholesterol from becoming oxidized. This helps prevent clogging and helps to release plaque lining the arteries.
10-NO hydrogenated oils! Trans-fats raise the bad cholesterol level and lowers the good cholesterol levels in your blood.
These are normally found in frozen foods, cookies, cakes, chips, pastries etc. If you have clogged arteries, it is particularly important that you avoid these foods, as they will only worsen your condition.

Maraschino cherry cola- makes 1 glass
Mix 2 tbsp maraschino cherry juice with
2 cloves (crushed once) and coca cola in a chilled glass.
Top up with 1 piece maraschino cherry on a toothpick or swizzle.

Tonic strawberry- makes 1 glass
Blend 3 pieces strawberries with 3 mint leaves, 1 tbsp passion fruit syrup and  Shweppes Indian tonic water. Pour into chilled glass and add ice cubes. 

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  1. Awesome guest post! So sorry, I just haven't found time to do that yet. Will buzz u as soon as I'm avail...

  2. Interesting post from Wan, I try to include wonder foods in my diet to keep me healthy, so that I do not worry of unclogging the arteries later.

  3. I love all the healthy foods on this list! It's the sampling of baked goods that's my downfall :) Nice guest post~

  4. Great post. I've always loved sweet potato:)

  5. love to have cherry and strawberry but it freaking expansive here >.<

  6. Hi nava, thank you for having me do a guest post for you.
    it sure is an honor to be one of your guests. have a nice day

  7. What a wonderful guest post my friend :D
    Good to know I am eating the right anti-clog food!
    Great drinks recipes too!

    Choc Chip Uru

  8. Nice informative guest post from Wan! We've been eating lots of organic cherries and strawberries. I'll miss them once summer is over. :(

  9. The tonic strawberry is perfect for hot afternoons!

  10. wow very informative. did not know such things

  11. Sweet Potatoes??? I didnt know about that. Thanks. Learnt something new today

    As for the rest of the fruit group, ya it's good to know

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