Sunday, August 5, 2012

Street Food - Thai Mixed Rice (Pattaya, Thailand)

Along the streets of Pattaya and the sticky rice stall, there's other stalls selling all sort of hawker food. Three types of sticky rice packed, thereafter simply irresistible it had to be this Thai mixed rice stall. Basically similar to the Malay nasi campur or Chinese mixed rice/chap fan stalls in Malaysia, over here obviously its the authentic Thai dishes - stir fried veggies, meat, seafood and chicken dishes and various types of Thai spicy dips. Choices are not aplenty but quite a good number of dishes and to order, you just point to the dishes, either to pack or eat at the benches along the pavement.

We were really hungry for its past dinner time and the last meal was at 2pm. Looking at the dishes, literally wanted to pack everything. Eventually we narrowed to two grilled cat fish, two types of stir fried veggies and  for me of course 4 small bundles of the spicy dips.  

Upon returning to Amata Country Club, at once the fish was pinched into, dipped into the fiery dip and eaten. Taste would get a pass, the veggies simply stir fried another okay but it had to be dips I loved the most. Definitely such a meal cheaper compared to eating at restaurants but remember, cleanliness is questionable. The whole spread wasn't covered and imagine with the number of cars passing by, "another one bites the dust". We Malaysians however are immune to eating at road side stalls. Still, from the time to time, "the runs' are unavoidable. 

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  1. I just love this Asian street foods,the grilled cat fish and dipping sauce sound delicious :)

  2. I keep scrolling up and down my page, drooling at your photos my friend - may I say YUM :D


  3. HA! That's awesome. We did the same thing in Thailand...we were eating non-stop!

  4. You are making me reminding that I need to visit Thailand. I love their food.

  5. OMG, u're tempting me to go to Thailand again! But street food is a no-no for me when I travel. Don't wanna get tummyache & landed in a foreign hospital. Love your travel posts!

  6. Look at all those colours! This looks great.

  7. The dipping sauce sounds amazing!!

  8. I found thai food very colorful and interesting to taste.These pics are making me eager to eat this dishes.


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