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Perfect Rib Eye Steaks

We don't eat beef and that's how it has been for my other half and me. Cow is a sacred animal for us, therefore as long as we live, we stand by our belief for Hinduism.  I may be very open in my lifestyle but religion is utmost important for me. Through god and Hinduism, I have grown to be a practical person and will continue to become a better person as each and every day passes by. Karma as we Hindus believe puts us into alignment not to hurt and cause harm to others because what we do will come back to us in ways we never would have thought and imagine of.

Let me stop with preaching on religion and move with the recipe I have for all of you.  I have many followers and in that group, not everyone is like me, the same religion.  I know that some of you would love to see a beef recipe for a change. I am so grateful and honored to my blogger friend Liz Berg who was so accommodating to my request for a beef recipe. You have to check out her facebook page as well as her blog of thatskinychickcanbake to believe what I have to say about her. She is so super duper when it comes to baking.  I am not a person who enjoys desserts but I love to see and admire all the goodies she bakes. I will stop here and let Lizzy continue with her intro and how to make the perfect rib eye steaks. 

What a thrill to guest post on a blog that is written half way around the world from Malaysia! The ability to connect and develop friendships with food lovers on different continents is one of the many joys of blogging. I met Nava via Foodbuzz when our blogs were both relatively young, and we bonded as our blogs grew and matured...we shared the love of cooking, fashion as well as the struggles of trying to balance blogging with everyday life.

Since Nava does not eat beef, she asked that I share a beef recipe with her followers. A good steak or beef roast always makes my family happy, so I was delighted to provide this simple, yet delectable recipe. I splurged on some dry-aged rib eye steaks from a local butcher shop for Nick's last dinner before leaving for his freshman year in college. My hubby and sons prefer a nice rare steak...and they are fans of using charcoal over gas for the best results. Here are some tips for the perfect grilled steak: 
  • Buy the best beef you can afford. Good marbling (fat distribution) makes for a tender, juicy steak. A lean steak won't be as flavorful either.
  • The cut of steak is important, too. My husband prefers rib eyes and New York strips. Although I love a great filet, the leanness of this cut is not ideal for grilling...but wrapping in bacon and a light coating of olive oil adds some needed fat.
  • Season early...the first salting is up to 3 hours before grilling, then again right before cooking.
  • Bring your steaks out of the fridge about 1/2 hour before grilling so they don't go onto the grill cold. This allows for more even cooking.
  • Use charcoal if available...and make a hot fire. The smokiness from the charcoal adds wonderful flavoring.
  • Move only 2-4 times during the cooking process....twice if just flipping but twice a side if you'd like to make cross hatch marks.
  • Use an instant read thermometer to check internal temperature of steaks to ensure that they are cooked to your preference of doneness.
  • Allow to rest at least 5 minutes before serving.
Perfect Rib Eye Steaks~

One 1 1/2inch thick rib eye steak per person, prime or the best quality you can afford.
Kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper
Garlic cloves, cut in half..... I used two for 4 steaks
Vegetable oil

A couple hours before grilling, pat steaks dry with a paper towel.  Sprinkle each side with a scant 1/2 tsp of kosher salt and return to the refrigerator, uncovered.

Bring steaks out to sit at room temperature one hour prior to grilling.  Rub each with garlic half and re-season with salt and pepper. Wipe grill grate lightly with vegetable oil using a paper towel.

Grill over hot coals (or set gas grill to high heat) with the lid cracked just a wee bit for about 3-4 minutes per side for rare.  If you want the classic cross hatch sear marks, turn the steak 45 degrees (1/8 turn) at 1 1/2-2 minutes mark, then grill for a couple more minutes before flipping. Repeat on other side and grill for 3-4 minutes total.  Use an instant read thermometer to check internal temperature: remove at 120 degrees for rare and 125 for medium rare.  There will be carry over cooking so temperature will rise during resting period.

Let rest 5 minutes before serving.

Thanks Nava, for the kind invitation to share a recipe on your blog.  And thank you for the friendship!.

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  1. Amazing guest post Nava,even you don't eat beef and you still share beef recipe with us that's wonderful, Liz/ thatskinychickcanbake is one of my favorite blogger too,and yes She is amazing baker,Thanks to both of you,great post !!

  2. Aw, what a sweet introduction, Nava...thank you! And I enjoyed learning a bit more about the Hindu religion. It was my pleasure to gust post for you today :)

  3. I love beef! The pinkness in the middle =) yummy

  4. I am also not a beef eater but I agree with you on Lizzy's introduction. She is a great baker as well as a cook.

  5. Gorgeous post and thanx for sharing this even though you do not consume beef. Been making my steaks either on a classic BBQ grill or on a pan. Will give it a try on the gas oven for a change soon.

  6. That is perfectly cooked - exactly how I like it:)

  7. Both Lizzy and Nava nice post. My hubby too eat everything. Looks perfect.

  8. Same as me ms.nava i dont really eat beef, i can count in a year only twice but that rib eye steak i cant resist and say no :D

  9. Nava, because you are allowing a beef recipe on your blog it tells me that Hinduism also preaches "tolerance and acceptance", something that should be the focus of all religions and practiced as you do. So on to the steak - that skinny chick sure knows how to cook a perfect steak!!!

  10. Lovely guest post, and perfectly cooked steak! Great job, ladies!

  11. It so great to see you posting here, Liz, and thank you Nava for sharing Liz's recipe and tips with us all! Liz, I really appreciated the tips and I had no idea I should pull the steak out 3 hours in advance and salt. Thank you so much...


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