Friday, August 24, 2012

Grand Cayman's Outdoor Eateries

I have bookmarked Cayman Islands as one of the places I want to travel to.  If you have been to Cayman’s before, I am sure you will have plenty to share with all of us, the beautiful and scenic beaches all over Cayman’s. The rest of us may have read as well as seen the pictures of some of the amazing beaches of Cayman Islands. Whether you have been or have read or don’t know anything about Cayman’s, I am going to pin down why Cayman’s is on my list as a holiday paradise.

Swimming or splashing in the waters of Cayman’s sounds exciting but nothing like sitting and staring far into and across the beach to the ocean, which I find is so calming to my mind and soul. I can go on sitting by the beach for hours, doing nothing but letting my thoughts float, watching the waves and the luscious surroundings. Actually, you can do this by heading to the nearest beach anywhere around your place but Cayman’s has much more to offer.

I have always wanted to go to Cayman’s and the desire has been triggered further after knowing   Carsley Fuller from Cayman’s who blogs at Besides her recipes, Carsley also has been sharing her food ventures and reviews. The restaurants are mostly situated somewhere in between the beaches of Cayman’s, offering great spreads of food and drinks. So it’s not only the beaches, but also the spread of food and drinks which are why Cayman’s is known as a popular tourist destination.

You probably will agree with me on all the wonderful things I had to blow on Cayman’s from this point on. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart to my great friend for obliging my request for a guest post, all the way from Cayman’s and yes, a couple of reviews on the eateries.. 

The famous Nava K has asked me to do a quick round up of some of Cayman's best beachside restaurants for her fabulous lifestyle blog.  Visiting her site is an instant holiday to all places gorgeous, chic and decidedly yummy so I was thrilled to write up a quick post showcasing some of Grand Cayman's outdoor eateries.

First stop, Alfresco's.
This Caymanian owned gem is on prime real estate along West Bay public beach and features a vast and varied menu to go with its killer view.  My personal favorites are the bruschetta and the incredible garlic mash potato encrusted mahi mahi with steamed rice and veggies and fried plantain.  The service is a little pokey but trust me when I say the food is worth it.  Besides, why would you in a hurry if you were in the Cayman Islands?
It's all about seafood in the Cayman Islands and the most popular way to snarf your grouper here is at a Fish Fry.  GrapeTree Cafe in Bodden Town boasts the best fish fry on Grand Cayman.  For about $10 USD you get fritters, boiled breadfruit, fried plantain, pickled veggies and your choice of fried snapper, mahi mahi or grouper.  What a deal!
Rum Point is waaaaay up in North Side.  I should mention now that Grand Cayman is only 70 square miles so by 'waaaaay up' I mean its more than a 15 minute drive :)  This restaurant is best known for its Cayman Sunrises and Mudslides but it also features a mean jerk burger and conch chowder.
And finally, one of the prettiest places to grab a bite is Solana which is on the world famous Seven Mile Beach.  It's another seafood lover's paradise.  No matter what the catch of the day is...go with that!

So those are just a handful of the must-visit restaurants if you come to the Cayman Islands.  Hopefully you will soon!

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  1. Thanks for giving me some space on your brilliant blog!

  2. I love "Deep Dish" and always have food envy when I see the restaurant reviews. Gorgeous photos and OMG, I want that burger!

  3. Looks like there are lot of wonderful foods and beach going to be a dream vacation.

  4. So relaxing meal by the seaside...

  5. Lovely share! Would love to visit Caymen one day! Hey ladies, my mom just had fillers done on her cheeks. Hope over to Reverse The Effects Of Aging With Restylane Dermal Fillers! to check it out & let me know what you think :) See u there!

  6. Gorgeous view...I wound't mind beach bumming here...

  7. All this food looks delicious! Great photographs!

  8. Cayman Islands is one of those places that I would love to visit! Thanks for sharing this, Nava! Nice guest post by Carsley!

  9. Lovely photos!! And all I can think about is when would I ever visit Cayman Island :)

    ps: I am back after a loooong hiatus :D


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