Thursday, August 16, 2012

Eleven Bistro - Jalan Hang Lekir, Jonker Street (Malacca, Malaysia)

After the merry-go-around at Jonker Walk (Gula KetukChen Hoon Teng TempleKampung Kling MosqueChrist Church and Malacca River Cruise) and  some chilled beer at Bistro Year 1673, we had dinner at Eleven Bistro. So happened as we arrive, the weather was just so right to sit outside, but just as we have ordered food and drinks, out of no where it started to rain. So, what else except into the inside dining area which was literally empty. A good thing actually, service was utmost prompt and  before the mains, we were served a tiny portion of fried anchovies with onion and pickled veggies. Sort of a oh-yum booster to whet our appetite before tucking into the rest of the dishes.

To go with the rice, we had called for cincaluk omelette, belacan four angled beans, hai san fish and Nyonya spicy crab.
Cincaluk egg was basically eggs fried with fermented shrimp paste, chillies and spring onion - delicious without being over powered with the strong smell of the paste while I would have appreciated a little more spiciness.
Belacan four angled beans - cooked with chillies, red onion and belacan for that crunchy omph!!
The tin foil wrapped fish surely delivered the spiciness I was longing for. Topped with fiery sambal, onion, chillies, spring onion and calamansi lime to squeeze over before eating, fish was fresh and I loved the burst of flavours.
The Nyonya crab was a close call to the fish dish. Cooked with chilli paste for the spiciness, crab meat easily pulled apart from the shells and the gravy awesomely finger licking good, not a cheap dish (RM70.00).

Satisfied after tucking into the meal, we settled the bill and took a cab back to Philea Resort (Part 1 and Part 2).

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  1. Mmm....will take note of this place. Will go there the next round.

  2. wow the crabs looks good...
    I have never try cincaluk omelette before....

  3. Oh, u went to this place too? It was my first time eating Angle Beans & I kinda like it .

  4. Wow, those crabs look amazing!! And how fun to dine outside. Lucky you!

  5. What a wonderfully vibrant place, the food sounds fab.

  6. not easy to find places with good cincaluk omelette. most places have it so mild...i've ended up making my own and only checking out nyonya eateries for other dishes.


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