Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cherry and Vanilla Rice Pudding

Waste not what not should be the biggest policy for everyone who cook. Please, think of the millions who can't afford a meal before you throw away food (Hot Masala Lentil Soup & Lamb Kofta Curry). Such a waste to our money as well if we don't save ingredients or leftovers (Dory Fish Sandwich & Pineapple Bread Pudding). Of course for Malaysians, I bet we are never short of cooked white rice (Mango Basmati Rice Pudding) which can be saved (Rice Vadai  & Anchovies Fried Rice). The idea of making rice (Rice Congee With Condiments) pudding from leftover rice isn't totally mine. It's my mom's recipe which I tweeted. She makes the thick gooey rice pudding. Cooked over low heat and served in small glasses with spoons. I took a short-cut (Pumpkin Jelly). I didn't feel like using glasses to serve the pudding neither stirring the mixture over low heat. I used cupcake cases - more convenient to avoid washing up the glasses and the pot used for stirring. I divided the rice mixture between the cases, placed in a muffin tray and baked. This rice pudding turned out almost the same as mum's and yes, you still need a spoon to eat it. But if you chill it, it will glide easily from the case. Dessert time everyone (Fried Apple Fritters, Chocolate Rum Tart & Thin Apple Pie).

3 cups leftover cooked white rice
1 cup milk (can use either carton or coconut milk)
1/2 cup softened salted butter
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 cup brown sugar (or as per taste)
10 red cherries - chopped
Mix all ingredients in a bowl.
Place paper cases into a muffin tray.
Divide rice mixture into equal portions.
Add into each paper cases.
Bake at preheated oven at 180c for about 40 mins or until the top becomes golden brown.
Remove and cool down.
Optional: either served as it is or chilled.
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  1. The pudding look's really nice umph! ms.nava k, i wish im a good cook like u :D

  2. Made of rice? This is something new to me. Wonderful idea instead of the usual fried rice for leftover rice. Lovely, dear!

  3. Oh yum, just saw this on FB and had to come for a visit, I know I've been rubbish and a bit irregular with the commenting these days, trying to do so much at once! As you know, living in Malaysia, it's the fasting month. Because it's summer, we start at 3 and don't break our fast until 9 pm! Doesn't leave me with much energy as I don't get my caffeine fix!
    Enough about me, I love rice pudding! I have never used leftover rice before, always using pudding rice. Coconut milk? That's a new one for me, I will have to try it this weekend for buka puasa! Thanks for the idea!

  4. I like the way you presented it. So appetising!

  5. I coming over there, looks delicious.

  6. Leftover turn into creative delicious dessert,I love that you adding the red cherries,beautiful color !!

  7. Hi Nava! I didn't know you could do this with leftover rice! Looks good, and I'm going to give it a try soon!

  8. is nice... I think I could ask my wife to do it..

  9. Not a fan of cherries unless its fresh. I'll probably add fresh berries or dried cranberries:D

  10. hi nava, never seen this before- you sure are veru innovative- and they look pretty too. yum yum, love to try this out.\have a nice day

  11. This is really amazing

    Event: Dish name starts with N

  12. That's the best use of leftover rice. I usually do your 2nd and 3rd suggestion at my home but will soon try the third one. it will be a nice change.

  13. feel like try to bake this but but but no time T.T

  14. This is interesting, never have a baked version of rice pudding, what a great use of the leftover rice.

  15. That is the coolest twist on rice pudding my friend, it looks incredible :D
    Nice work!

    Choc Chip Uru

  16. great way to use up leftover rice... i usually end up making fried rice with my leftovers but this would be a nice change.
    my husband loves puddings and i can already tell he would really like this! thanks for sharing your mum's recipe :)

  17. Looks tasty but haven't tried before.

  18. Love how you set the pudding in muffin cups! Best use of leftover rice! :)

  19. vanilla and word---wow :)

  20. This is a great way to make rice pudding. Very tempting. :)

  21. They look perfect and I bet delicious great presentation.


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