Friday, August 17, 2012

Carrot And Raisin Cupcakes

The long exodus for the Hari Raya break has already started. Evidently, when the city is crystal clear, you know that the city people are somewhere else enjoying their "Cuti-Cuti Malaysia"or holidaying in the "never never" land. I too will be travelling but that will not start until next week. I love going away because its much needed to destress load stress and spent quality time with my other half.

Meanwhile I have been trying to bake. One which I hardly do because of time factor. For a start, I made these gorgeous orang-y cupcakes with carrots and raisins for the "any time is a good time" sweet treat. While you are still at this post, perhaps you would also like to find out on how to make Orange Coconut Cupcakes
3 medium (abt 400g) carrots - remove skin and grated/shredded or chopped into fine strips.
1/2 cup flour  
1/2 cup canola oil
3 eggs 
50g black raisins or dried blackcurrants
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda

Add carrots, flour, baking soda and powder together.
Rub these ingredients against each other gently and keep aside.
Whisk oil and eggs together vigorously for a couple of minutes.
Mix in the carrot mixture little by little, stirring until smooth.
Line a muffin tray with paper cups.
Divide the cake mixture equally into each cup, filling until 3/4 level.
Bake on preheated oven (10mins) at 170c for about 1 hour or until the cakes are done.
Remove and let the cakes cool down.
Optional: Decorate or top the cakes with some grated carrots.
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  1. Beautiful cake, looks delicious and love that bright color.

  2. We often get so wrapped up in our life that we sometimes forget about most important things -our family. Though, it feels that we live together but spending time just with them brings us closer. Its good that you have decided to take some time out for your husband.
    The cupcakes have gotten a nice orange color from carrots and are blooming in those black cupcake liners.

  3. these are delightful cupcakes, Nava! Would love a piece or two right now!

  4. So tempting! I got my oven already hopefully by end sept I can move in and start trying out your recipe! Happy holiday!

  5. love it!! drooling for this cupcakes.. ms.nava!!

  6. Bright and beautiful cupcakes my friend, I love the flavour combination :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. I pretty much love any desserts in any form that use carrot. And these are super fun looking. Love the bright color :) Hope you have a fantastic holiday with your other half!

  8. I'm not a baker, so this looks the work of a pro, dear! Kudos to u, Nava!

  9. Sound delicious cup cakes ,I love combination of carrot and raisin on this,,YUmmy post ,Nava !!

  10. This is sure a healthy tea time snack...and probably a god way to introduce kids to carrots. I have met kids who just woudn't eat carrots!

  11. I usually just make a carrot cake but adding raisins is a fantastic addition!!!! It must have added a subtle sweetness to these cupcakes...

  12. That looks awesome, and simple to make! BTW, is there no sugar in the recipe?

  13. Ambreen - I did not add sugar, carrots and raisins were enough for sweetness but if you like, do add as per your taste.

  14. O my God i like your muffins truly good :)

  15. They look so yummy! I love carrots, gonna try thèse cupcakes!

  16. This looks so mouthwatering, I feel like having one now.

  17. looks so tasty !

  18. These carrot and raisins cupcakes are looking gorgeous. Drooling !!


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