Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bistro Year 1673 - Jonker Walk (Malacca, Malaysia)

After the 45 minutes cruise ride (Malacca River Cruise), we agreed we had enough of sightseeing for the day and we should now R & R (rest and relax) away from getting roasted in the sun. So we walked back to Jonker Walk (Gula KetukChen Hoon Teng TempleKampung Kling Mosque and Christ Church) and between the aplenty choices of cafes and bistros, it didn't really matter which one. At random, we sat at the outside area of this bistro, shaded with big potted bamboo plants and umbrellas.    

Initially I was not keen in having a beer but since the friend persisted, well, why not.  We called for a bucket of  Carlsberg, slowly sipped into the chilled beer and thereafter we nibbled over the Lychee Prawns - six pieces of golden crispy rolls with prawns neatly tucked into lychees and atop with thousand island sauce. Oh yum lovely and my first experience of sampling such a dish but for the three of us, certainly not enough.

Instead of ordering more food, we finished off the beer and decided to walk further up to look out for an authentic Nyonya Portuguese eateries.

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  1. That beer glass is calling my name.

  2. i came across this shop too..very nice..

  3. the snack looks delicious with the beers :D long time didnt had some alcohol he..he

  4. The Lychee Prawns sound incredible!! I totally want some now! :)

  5. the place look kind of chill :3

  6. Fantastic review my friend and photography - looks like a delish snack :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. golden crispy rolls....appealing me to try it :-)

  8. This looks so relaxing... not to mention yummy!

  9. Wow prawn with lychee sounds really interesting hmm 2 pcs with beer thats too little :)


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