Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Street Food - Mango Sticky Rice (Pattaya, Thailand)

Malaysians who curse and swear about traffic jam I think have not travelled the world. Yes. Believe me. Do you know how bad traffic is in Milan (Lake Lugano Switzerland) until our city tour was cancelled. If you've been to Milan, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Otherwise, maybe you should begin in Thailand. Gosh!! I tell you. Took us a couple of hours to return to Amata Spring Country Club from Pattaya Central Food Mall. From the mall itself, and then the whole street, nothing really was moving as though slow and steady will win the race. Was there any choice? Of course not except to stay put in the car until when the friend had to stop somewhere to take a leak. Once he parked at the back lane, he ran for his life to answer nature's call, whereas two of us got down to check Thailand's street food. To tell you the truth, we wanted to pack literally everything from the rows and rows of road side stalls. Tempting Thai food.

First stop at this mango sticky rice stall. After all, how can one possibly don't taste the ever famous Thai sticky rice. Every corner you turn to, there's a stall selling sticky rice teamed with fresh Thai mangoes and coconut milk. I'm not alien to the taste because we Malaysian have copied it, or because we do have aplenty Thai restaurants. Between the high end ones, there's no short of at least one Thai stall in hawkers centers or within a coffee shop. But since this is my first trip to Thailand, glad that my bestie too agreed to Mango Sticky Rice. At this stall, there's two other toppings for the steamed grainy Thai glutinous rice. Salted fish with coconut, shallots and sugar, the other is sticky egg custard. Walla! Speak about Thai food invention. Amazing, 
We packed all the three types. Greedy eyes won't leave you alone. No, you want to eat everything when you are hungry. Its already 8.00pm, didn't help that, as I have already said, traffic jam sort of also kindled our hunger pangs. Ordering was easy despite language barrier. We pointed and the lady knew what to do. You can also buy Thai sauces, cakes and biscuits from this stall but we have decided. We want to walk further down and look for other types of street food. 

Between the three toppings, sticky rice with mango and coconut milk is a common fare. Nevertheless, Thai mangoes, Thai thick coconut milk and Thai glutinous rice must be recognized. You can't really eat too much of the sticky rice because it will fill you up so soon. My favourite was the salted fish topping. Its salty-spicy-sweet Thai food notes are always a sheer pleasure for me. As for the egg custard, so-so lah!!. Sort of the same taste as the filling for pastry egg custards, this one presumably steamed instead of baked.

Up next: street food - Thai mixed rice.

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  1. Thailand is well known for their Mango Sticky Rice !

  2. How come the mangos there look so pretty? So yellow, big and clean! Must be very sweet, fragrant and cheap! I should go to Thailand for their mangos!

  3. My fav! I had it almost every day if happen to be in Thailand

  4. I hope I will visit Pattaya someday,and enjoy the sticky rice and mango,one of my favorite from Thai cuisine !!

  5. Ohhhh, Nava! Thai mango sticky rice is my favorite! I would love to be in this place with you!

  6. I love the juicy mangos accompanying the sticky was so delicious...

  7. Very interesting indeed! I wonder how was the taste with the custard on top?

  8. I never taste it but it looks very delicious and would love to taste it when visit thailand.Thanks for sharing pics.


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