Thursday, July 19, 2012

Heliocare Advanced SPF50 Gel

Loving the sun is perfectly alright, however, don't love the sun until it burns your skin. Morning sunlight I know is vital for producing vitamin D, however, aplenty sunlight in the afternoon especially, is the road to disaster. Sunburn, sun spots, pigmentation and wrinkled skin, my dear ladies, just in case you don't know or you are pretending you don't know. Remember, uva/uvb, outside and indoor sun-ray can wreck your skin. Precisely. Furthermore, can you imagine how it can be with our over-friendly sun-friendly Malaysian weather? The disaster for our skin, so, please ladies, please block the sun from your skin with a sunblock. I learned it the hardest way. In the name of gardening, I was in the hot sun for two or days constantly, the outcome was none other than a bashed up skin. I really had to spin the  wheel of money, whether I liked it or not, at the skin doctor for removing sunburn marks. From there on, nava-k's skin is heavily protected with sunblock, additionally with sunglasses, scarf or umbrella.

Today, I am going to introduce to you this Heliocare Advanced SPF50 Gel -
A clinical gel sunblock, dermatologist recommended, Heliocare gel contain high sun protection - broad spectrum SPF 50 UVA/UVB. Oil-free, light beige shade and transparent without white cast. Easy to apply, light to the touch formulation, water resistant and suitable for all skin types. Also, combining high technology mineral and non-mineral filters with photo-biological protectants, featuring Fernblock, a natural fern extract unique to the brand.

My take on this gel.
Gliding easily and smoothly on my combination-sensitive skin, I love how Heliocare Advanced SPF50 Gel gave me a natural look. No issues with oiliness, neither did it break me up, somewhat nourishing as well, as a great moisturiser, prior to applying face powder. Even if you overload it, mind you, there will be no unwarranted effects. Heliocare Advanced SPF50 Gel, packaged in a plastic tube, nothing fancy frilly, yet clearly labelled with ever other product information, is not a cheap gel ladies. I paid around RM200.00. Not sure if I should say worth the investment, so far after using it for 2 months, perhaps can take me through for another month, lets say most to most 4 months. I must applause Heliocare Advanced SPF50 for its strong sun protection mechanism and for keeping my skin moisturised, the only concern, again said, is the price.  
In the next post, I am going to introduce to you another Heliocare product, one which is for consumption, yet for the same purpose of protecting our skin from the sun. Yes, you heard it right. Its capsules, speak about the advancement in the beauty industry, we shall when I see you again.

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  1. What is "combination skin"?

  2. I'm using SPF 50 by Avene. An aesthetic doc recommended it to me & I kinda like it. It's interesting to see the product in gel form; will like to try it.

    Nava, thks so much for the guest post invitation! Will confirm as soon as I can as I'm currently tied-up with reviews. Would really love to collaborate with you :)

  3. King - combination skin can be like oil and dry at certain parts of the skin.

  4. I am also overprotective of my skin, and have the dermatologist bills to prove it. Since my skin is sensitive to boot, I swear by LaRoche-Posay Anthelios SPF 50.

  5. my wife always use sunblock..
    I could recomend this to her..

  6. I agree with you about the importance of sun screen! I abused my skin when I was younger...this lily white complexion should have seen much less sun!

  7. do take care, due to the changing weather these days :)

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