Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kah Heong Chicken Rice Restaurant - (SS14, Subang Jaya)

Two Kah Heong (SS14 & SS18), both super famous but I'm not sure if they are from the same family. SS14 Kah Heong I was told is more popular and I must try. So, in the hot sun we walked up the SS15 overhead bridge and arrived at this coffee shop style eatery with hardly any space between the tables once seated and not too bad, "ada menu bang/got menu bro". Quickly you better decide because after 11.30am, uncomfortable it will be surrounded with many customers. Chicken little or big - the biggest star for the noodles, rice items, side dishes and soups. These dishes are also mixed and matched as different set meals.

Between the three of us, we called for Ipoh Hor Fun (Chicken Kuey Teow Soup), Curry Laksa, Roasted Chicken Rice and for "sharing is caring", Bean Sprouts Soy Sauce. The Hor Fun is basically a noodle dish - kuey teow/flat rice noodles, prawns, poached chicken pieces, long beans, chives/kucai and chicken broth. Tasty I would say and tastier of course with the chilli dips and birds eye chillies.

Yellow noodles in a spicy coconut milk broth, tofu pok, veggies and cockles for the curry laksa whereas roasted chicken rice - roasted chicken in a light soy sauce and chicken broth flavoured rice.

The bean sprouts with soy sauce and garnished with spring onion and fried shallots we enjoyed as well.
After tucking into the meal and finishing off the sour sweet amra juice (1x), I agreed with the two colleagues that Kah Heong surely know how to draw customers mostly within the same area. Service unbelievable was efficient because after being in business for that many years, the mass production line is well organised including the bill (RM27.00) waiting at the counter even before you count your money.    

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  1. I love the hor fun. usually I go to the k.damansara branch

  2. The curry laksa looks watery.

  3. Sorry this place didn't blow you away, but a good deal is nice, too :)

  4. that chicken rice is something that i'm surely missing...hmmmm.

  5. A shame this restaurant did not turn out to be over amazing my friend!


  6. i rarely go to SS14 but i love the soy sauce in the chicken :) delish!

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  7. The food looks and sounds great even if you didnt think it was so wonderful!

  8. It's a shame it wasn't brilliant but at least you know!

  9. The food looks quite good in pictures at least!But obviously you tasted it :)

  10. Not good that the place was a bit of a let down... Now you know.

  11. I like the hor fun! Looks nice. But I'm really fussy when it comes to chicken rice.

  12. Sorry it didn't meet up your expectations, Nava!


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