Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Siam Country Club Pattaya "Plantation" - Chonburi, Thailand (Part 1)

Two boring days at Amata Spring Country Club and a bright-sunshiny third day at this country club. The planning before coming over almost drove me up the wall. I got dressed and waited for more than 1 1/2 hours before the people started moving but it was worth the wait. Otherwise would have been another "eat, sleep and nothing-doing" day. I rose up again when passing by the serene and breathtaking plantation. Green is the colour - green trees, green plants and the green turf. From the car park at the far end, we were driven by the buggy to the main entrance. Thereafter a a walk through the main lounge before sitting at right wing.

International golf courses as you know is superbly maintained with stunning artistic deco for the comfort of relaxing while sipping chilled beers or having a meal after an easy or hard day of hitting the balls  My friends were actually on duty. They were meeting someone to organise the coming golf tournament. When that person came over, I didn't want to be around. I mean it wouldn't be profession listening to work related matters. Quietly I left  and stood as close as possible to the golf turf from up there for the panoramic view that extended till Pattaya ocean. I was already visualising being at the beach and having fun. Couldn't wait really! The suspense almost socked me up for I've been standing at the same spot for the last half an hour.  


Just then my friends signalled. The meeting over and its time for lunch.

Continued on Part 2.

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  1. Wow... very nice golf course! The weather looks great too!

  2. beautiful place nava!!

    came by to visit your blog miss reading your post, i have problem with my domain will fix the problem next week, till then i only can back blogging.

    anyhow take care nava and post more entry i will come by and read once when im online :)

  3. Wow Nava! Looks like you had a great time. The view is quite something. Good to know you're having a great time. :)

  4. Looks pretty. Am not into golf but love the pristine look that comes with golf courses.

  5. interesting art and craft at the club.

  6. I could TOTALLY use a country club visit right now! :D

  7. This looks very picturesque! I used to work in the golf industry but was never really enamored by it, so I completely understand your need to stroll away. Golf is big business in many countries, but the best thing I enjoyed about it was the amazing courses and that country club has some wonderful ones! Enjoy the day Nava!

  8. Such a gorgeous place... I could see myself there, enjoying the surroundings.

  9. it is very beautiful golf course...
    I was talking with my TH friend that day and he told me that the best business industry in TH is the tourism industry..

  10. will go there if i got chances :3

  11. This club has the interior designed absolutely stunningly :D
    Great post!
    I can see why you are having such a wonderful time :)

    Choc Chip Uru


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