Sunday, May 27, 2012

BESS Kopitiam - (Taman Sin Hoe) - Malacca, Malaysia

Wow! indeed it was a feel good factor when Alvin from Bess Kopitiam spotted my Assam Laksa recipe. Equally impressive was how he introduced his Kopitiam - "BESS Kopitiam has been choosen as The BEST Laksa outlet in Malaysia year 2009 - 2010 by the General Public in the Reputedly The Best Laksa With Distinguished Taste That Leaves One Craving For More".

As badly as I wanted to travel to Malacca immediately, always the case, plans don't take off as expected. Eventually after a year, I packed my bags and arrived at Philea Resort & Spa Part 1 and Part 2The first thing we did was a cab ride to Bess Kopitiam. Definitely not a cheap ride because we paid RM40.00. Maybe, I'm just saying, it justified the one hour journey and the cab driver knew the exact location.   
I introduced myself to Alvin and he at once recognised me as we are facebook friends. Between the three of us, we ordered 2 bowls of nyonya laksa and a packet of nasi lemak with ayam rempah goreng (spicy fried chicken). 

The laksa was out of this world. Creamy spicy broth with cockles, taufu pok and garnished with bean sprouts and julienne cucumber. Precisely awesome, unique in taste and one of a kind I've never had before.  Every bit including the curry I surely slurped up. 
The nasi lemak was equally fabulous. What more with scoops of spicy explosive sambal belacan and fried chicken. Crispy outer layer and tender meat inside, just right with a lovely mid spicy flavour, chicken, oh my, so yum. Next we sampled the two types of toast, complimentary on the house. Thanks Alvin. 
One with garlic and herbs and the other with cheese. Yummy for sure. The temptation for ordering more food  was there but we thought maybe we will make another trip before returning home.    

Brewed coffee, hot lime tea and lime assam boi we sipped and left from here for sightseeing. 
Bess Kopitiam is a must try. Nasi lemak, curry laksa and the sambal belacan especially we couldn't stop talking about. 

Bess Kopitiam
378C, Jalan Medan Pasar
Taman Sin Hoe

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  1. Oh are killing me...if only I knew earlier...would hvdrop by there too. was in melaka last week. we makan at calanthe art cafe. that laksa also taste pretty good

  2. I would do anything to try some of that award winning laksa...I've had plenty of laksas here in Melbourne but have yet to try authentic ones in Malaysia. Would love to visit sometime. :)

  3. oh best laksa! :) it's so near to my partner's hometown. i must really visit it soon

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  4. I want to try everything on these plate,I love south east asian fried chicken style,,,so tasty with rempah-rempah :)


  5. This sounds amazing, especially the creamy laska!

  6. Obviously Alvin does know what good is when it comes to Laksa and I am glad that your recipe was so revered! Pretty cool that you got the opportunity to meet Alvin in person as well as go to his restaurant. Fun, memorable and delicious time-I envy you!

  7. hi nava, you give great review on this asam laksa, trust your good tatse and with that, i would surely like to sample this whenever i am in melaka.

  8. How neat that you got to try out this fantastic recipe...I hope it won't be too long till you can return :)

  9. I've never heard of this place before, thanks for recommending this new place! The food looks delicious..

  10. The curry looks very rich...
    I would love to try but my wife don't take spicy food anymore.. coz of gastric problems....
    and the price is very cheap..

  11. I could use a cup of hot lime tea right about now! Great post, Nava! Thanks for sharing all this information. :)

  12. another resto adventure from ms.Nava..and I'm sure the food taste good when it is recommended by you..visiting you ms.Nava ;)

  13. Laksa is one of the most delicious dishes ever - especially this shop's it seems :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  14. The Nyonya Laksa looks delicious! Definitely have to remember this if I visit Melacca in the future.

  15. The drinks look refreshing, and I'm curious about the taste of those food.


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