Sunday, April 22, 2012

Vaux Rs Model Photo Shooting Session

I was invited by Vaux Rs, an event management company to attend the model photo shooting session held at USJ 23, Subang Jaya.  I was greeted by the event organizer, Mr Ronald Chan who gave me a small run up to the purpose of the event while mentioning everyone who came together to make this event a success:

Venue Sponsors
Brite Coat Sdn Bhd
Wood World Sdn Bhd

Car Club:
Satria Neo R3 Club Malaysia
Satria GTi Club Malaysa

Car Detailing/Coupons Sponsors
Detail Shine Car Detailing Centre (Meguair's)

Ms. SuHuey
Ms. Jane

Outfit Sponsors
Zip On Boutique

Make Up Artist
Zhinc Chan

Music by

As the models were posing against, on top and all over the Satria Neo and Satria GTi, the 10 invited photography bloggers brought out their cameras and there the clicking from all angles started flashing out. Check out the shots and these were forwarded to me by the organizer.  I felt lost because I could have taken some shots from my own camera.  That did not happen for I was rushing to get to the event and   some how my DSLR camera was left behind at home.

Once done with the individual shots, the models began posing together against the back drop of the Satria cars.

Hanging around for an hour or two, I was trilled in watching the  passion of the photography bloggers nailing down the shots as well as the amazing effort that came with it.  Kudos to all of them and before parting, I thanked Mr Ronald Chan for extending the invitation to me. Together with the photos, the organizer also forwarded a short video on the event.  

Vaux RS Model Photoshooting Session (Season 1) from Ronald Chan (Vaux RS) on Vimeo.
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  1. where are you Ms.Nava..a nice pose will do too weeeeeeee..visiting you *hugs* ;)

  2. hi nava, wow ! you are making great progress, getting these kind of invitation to photograph and blog. congrats, another step to progressive blogging for you..
    have a nice day

  3. ah....been some time since i shot with models. prefer to shoot cars without the models:P

    1. lol .. is it becoz all the ppl are just concentrate the models rather than the cars?
      Me also distracted by the models ..
      i am just a simple guy mah...

  4. great shot! looking forward your new photos
    p/s: thanks for visiting my blog

  5. Your blog is a nice mix of fashion ,lifestyle and food!!How exciting to be invited to these kinds of shows.Great going Nava!!

  6. I'm sorry you left your camera behind...I have a feeling your would have taken even better shots :) Fun event! My guys would have loved checking out the cars~

  7. Wow this is fantastic news - what an invite! You must have a wonderful time :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  8. the first picture is so stunning! :)

    Latest: FiSh Castle

  9. so good to have this kind of experience :3

  10. sexy model nava... she's gorgeous nice pose and most of all still original XD

  11. I agree with cookingvarieties, great progress u're making. Well done! But, I was looking out for your pix when I saw the header. Where is my dear Nava?

  12. Thanks everyone for the comments and support. Appreciate each one of it.

  13. I've never seen a photo shoot--what an interesting experience.


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