Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa - Penang (Malaysia): Part 3

Returning back to the room (Part 1 and Part 2), I looked through the spa menu and then called them to fix an appointment. But I was politely told that they are fully book for the day. My appointment then moved forward to the following day at 4 pm, quite disappointing for I had earlier decided on visiting the butterfly farm and perhaps to the nearby places I haven't been to. Spa treatment of course is more expensive but pleasurable compared to sightseeing. Anyway, with nothing much to do for the day, I stood on the balcony and viewed the swimming pool, the luscious open area and the sea. I then noticed people getting foot reflexology nearby the pool and the beach. So, that possibly I can also try the next day after breakfast.  

With breakfast inclusive with our stay, I didn't want to have dinner in the hotel. I tried calling my other half but the call couldn't go through. Instead of waiting, I showered, walked towards the eateries across the road and sat at Restoran Malaysian Kitchen. Just then, the phone rang and my other hald agreed to join me for dinner.

To be continued.

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  1. very nice ...
    if i am in PG i would want to try Hard Rock Pg..

    1. I stayed in Hard Rock before. It's not that great, don't set your expectation too high. Overall, I think Rasa Sayang is better than Hard Rock. =)

  2. First of all, your new look is fabulous!!! I really love it! And next, this resort looks absolutely heavenly...lucky you :)

  3. the sight of the beach or sea is very therapeutic. whenever i return to Penang, I would either be found at the balcony or even the beach just soaking in the whole works.

  4. These photographs look beautiful. I wish to visit Malaysia some day.

  5. Hey Nava, u seem to be enjoying life huh? It's been a while since I visit a resort. Penang may be my next place for consideration :)

  6. This resort is one beautiful tropical getaway - what an awesome relaxing resort :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. hi nava, i love to see there are so many greens, this makes the area cooler, since its a beach resort, where the open sun shines in quite hot.
    love the beach in the evenings and watch the sunset too.
    have a nice day

  8. Thank you for all the lovely comments everyone. In deed was a good relaxing in this resort.

  9. I'm loving the new look Nava! And also making a note of that resort. It looks like the perfect getaway! :)

  10. hello Ms.Nava..this is such a relaxing place to be in..thank you for sharing ;)


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