Friday, April 13, 2012

Restaurant Saravanaa Bhavan (Jalan Gasing) Petaling Jaya

Out of the blues we decided that a vegetarian meal will be a good change. But the question was "where it should be??" Rather than aimlessly driving around without having a clue, I suggested that we should go back to Restaurant Saravanaa Bhavan, situated in PJ New Town along the busy street where the banks are.

Being a Sunday, we parked at the open car park across the restaurant and within minutes, we walked inside at about 8pm. By then the restaurant was packed with customers. We didn't want to wait for too long. So we agreed when the waiter suggested that we sit right at the back just before the kitchen area. He then handed over the menu and we quickly ordered.

Amidst the busyness, service was attentive and prompt in the air-conditioned and clean but quite cramped up dining area. The restaurant draws plenty of Indian expatiates and locals as well. Some who prefer to pack back instead of dining in. Within 5 minutes or so, thali set meal came in a large platter with small bowls of sides dishes. - one serving of rice in the centre with a papadam, curries, stir fried veggies, pickle, fried yoghurt chilli, yoghurt and kesari/semoline ghee cake.

My other half enjoyed the meal. He loved the loveable varieties which packed the essential spiciness and cooked in a traditional Indian style. Taste was right, flavours acceptable and filling enough. I opted for individual dishes - vegetarian briyani paired with vegetable raita (carrot and cucumber in yoghurt) and quite a generous serving of mushroom and paneer cooked with spices, tomato and curry paste.

The vibrant orangey grainy rice with vegetables was delectable and satisfying when eaten with the raita and mushroom dish. Surely a wholesome complete meal. However too filling that I only finished off the raita and mushroom dish.

After the main meal, we had masala tea. Piping hot with the whiff of spices and cow's milk frosting on top. We couldn't instantly drink for it was really hot. While waiting for it cool down, we drank mineral water and then drank up the tea - too much of sugar but simply robust. The way we appreciated it.
Carrot halwa was the finale. Again similar to the tea, so sweet that I couldn't eat after a few spoons. The sweetness just killed off the taste. I didn't want to waste, so the balance was packed back.
Except for the carrot halwa, the rest couldn't be faulted. We didn't mind paying RM45.00 at this restaurant with pleasant and fast customer service and plenty of varieties.

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  1. will put it in my Jln2 Cari Mkn list.....

  2. Nava, looks like u're more into blogging now! Noticed the new header, logo & tabs. Wow! Love everything about it :) Great work, dear!

  3. Very tempting Indian food. I love Vegetarian food!

    p/s : Thank you Nava for voting for my video!! Glad you love it! :)

  4. The food looks so good! I can't believe I have been gone so long your blog design has changed a bit! Love the new look!

  5. Hi nava,thats a neat review on HSB...of course,top indian hotel with highest no of branches..

  6. I am loving the look of that large, gorgeous papadam!

  7. Great review! And the papadum is calling my name! :D

  8. This restaurant looks absolutely delicious - except for the halwa (which even I cannot consumer if too sweet) it is wonderful to hear you had such a fantastic all vege time :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. love the side dishes here ;) so well-presented

    Latest: Vegan Fruity Pizza

  10. The masala tea looks original and delicious.

  11. Please join it...heheheh. Please again....
    Contest Ibu Kau Inspirasiku

  12. Sometimes it really can be hard to decide on a good place to dine, but it looks as if you found a perfect one for what you were craving. The food does look delicious as well as healthy-definitely worth a second visit! Enjoy the weekend!

  13. wahhh certainly very sedap!!!...Am going to try it :)

  14. Looks like a wonderful spot for a meatless meal! And I wish my taste buds didn't like sugar so much :/ Hope you're having wonderful weekend, my friend!

  15. Hmmmm I don't remember seeing this place when I drive pass Jalan Gasing every weekend. Hmmm..I must not be paying attention to the restaurants.

    Hehehe I can never bring myself to order Halwa or most Indian desserts. Not much of a sweet tooth and most Indian desserts are really quite sweet...

  16. I had my lunch for a couple of days in Saravan Bhavan during my visit and I loved it, esp my kid.


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