Sunday, April 15, 2012

Restaurant Malaysian Kitchen - Batu Ferringhi, Penang (Malaysia)

From Rasa Sayang HotelPart 1, Part 2 and Part 3) I walked towards the row of shops across the main road. Even though I was given the green light by the hotel staff that its' safe to walk out at 7.30pm, I was still cautious. How not to? I have been robbed before and after constantly reading on crime rates is definitely a jittery. Any way, I had to carry my handbag to keep my hand phone, money and room key, so I held on tight to it. crossed the road and quickly sat at Restaurant Malaysian Kitchen. Just then my half-half called to inform that he will be joining in with our cousin. They arrived, the menu came by and we ordered.

Drinks as usual arrived first, A beer is a beer but Hoegaarden being a premium beer must taste better. Otherwise what's the point of paying more. The calamansi mint cooler wasn't made in heaven but I love its chilled tangy minty burst. The cousin was happy with the sky juice.
Now for the food. Piping hotel fried samosa when gently rolled over the mint dip, lovely taste. 
The mixed platter took us by surprise since the portion was big for one person. So we shared the grilled chicken, lamb, fish, squids and prawns. Teamed with sliced tomatoes, lettuce leaves and chilli sauce, we struggled to finish up. Taste-wise, well I will not complain but some of meat pieces were cooked on the outside while still quite raw inside.  
Up next - naan bread and tandoori chicken. Naan nicely executed and chicken tender-moist in a flavorful masala but the colour, I mean,  the vibrant red hue seemed not right. Perhaps red colouring I thought.

The portion also big for one person. Perhaps for big eaters, its value for money and even after sharing this dish, much was left behind. Restaurant Malaysian Kitchen - nice dimmed and spacious ambiance, and when we here, literally empty, service was quite efficient and I won't say food here is reasonably priced (RM189.20 ).

Restaurant Malaysian Kitchen 
152B, Batu Ferringghi
Tel:  04-88119988

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  1. Sad. Tandoori is red, but not spicy. :/


  2. That's a good name for a touristy area. But why isn't it packed with tourists?

  3. I like both your reviews on restaurant. We have sarvana bhawan restaurant here in Vancouver. It is usually crowded for lunch.

    I see Indian food in Malaysian cuisine. You seem right is it is not spicy then it is the red colour they used.

  4. Food with coloring is a big no no for me. Pity that it didn't turn out well..

  5. Yummy nava.. another great shoot of foods you have share here!!

  6. Hey, the name Batu Ferringhi sounds familiar. I think I've been there before. Mmmmm...... when's the last time I was in M'sia?? Hahaha!

  7. beer is a beer.. lol...
    but i dont really prefer hoegarden..
    the taste kinda mild for me..


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