Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pasta Zanmai - Empire Subang (Subang Jaya)

Empire Subang I know behind my hands and my half-half I also know behind my eyes, ears and what not. Empires Subang I am at few months once, sometimes to meet friends and sometimes to shop (Serai Empire and Nyonya Colours). My half-half on the other hand, forever busy with work and his policy - "please be independent and learn to do your own things including servicing the car" Well? I have. So, servicing the car every six months once and instead of sitting, waiting and reading all the newspapers and magazines at the service centre, I walk to this mall while tightly gripping my handbag (you never know). Thereafter? Depends. Yeh-yeh to retail therapy if credit card hasn't been been busted. Otherwise, a meal and "merry go round the Empire Subang".

On this day, complicated (yea, like the status of some people on Facebook) it was where to eat because I was a vegetarian. So, I walked up and down, flipped the menus in front of the eateries while the staff wouldn't stop pestering me to go inside. Eventually, for the vegetarian choices, into Pasta Zanmai.
Seated at the outside dining area, I ordered edamame, egg with soy sauce, vegetarian miso noodles, green tea cappucino with sago and ichigo Ice.
Edamame/simmered Japanese beans - nibbled out the warm, crunchy and mildly salty beans, hail the healthiness. The runny oozy egg in that tad bit of salty soy sauce, simple, basic and washy-wishy down the throat.    
A hearty portion, the vegetarian yasai curry with egg noodles, various types of vegetables, mushrooms and soaked in a thick curried broth, delicious and pleasing. I as usual finished off the broth and veggies whereas the noodles, donated back to the eatery.
Creamy, frosty and not overly sweet, I did a good job with the green tea cappuccino with small translucence pearls. At the same time nibbled the ichigo ice. Strawberries filled with vanilla ice cream, coated with icing sugar and gently rolled over the melted chocolate, the three little beauties definitely were beyond this world as a fabulous dessert.

Paying RM51.00, I left feeling satisfied and walked back to the service centre hoping my car will be ready.

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  1. You've put me in the mood for edamame. And, of course, the dessert is what I zeroed in looks lovely!

  2. I heard of this place before. Saw many blog about it but was uncertain about it coz i thin it was invited food review. But seeing you liking it in your blog, I know it's good.

  3. I cant resist for the dessert..oh my,berry with white chocolate,thats truly scrumptious ...Hope u visit this place with ur BH soon ...

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  5. the food's all makes me hungry now!!!! :D

  6. I tried it in 1 u...
    I like their pizza... They put a soft boil egg on the pizza...
    Very good.... The beans call edamame... N I Loke to eat it also...
    Their sushi zanmai restaurant also very good...... Do try it...

  7. yummy Ms.Nava..loved the desserts..envious of your travel adventures and yummy cravings..passing by Ms.Nava..missing you..I'm back ;)

  8. OHMY! This looks so yummy. You are so close to some amazing food, totally jealous! That ice is lovely

  9. Oh my! I'm totally drooling. I want some too! :)

  10. Beautiful selection of food now I have to get something to eat.


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