Friday, March 30, 2012

Cauliflower Fritters

Cauliflower is a such a versatile veg; into soups, curries or as a stir fried dish. Another awesomeness of cauliflower; oh!! simply divine when coated with batter and fried to produce fritters. The batter is a mixture of chick pea flour for it's mild nutty taste and rice flour for the crunchy bite.  

The flavors and aroma of the batter were elevated with red chillies, ginger and coriander leaves.  These fritters; anytime is a good time dish; either as a tea time snack or side dish with rice alongside with other dishes for a complete meal.

150g cauliflower - cut into medium size florets
1 tbsp rice flour
4 tbsp chick pea/besan flour
2 red chillies  - chopped
1 medium size (about 100g) red onion - chopped
1/2 inch ginger - remove skin and chopped
2 stalks coriander leaves - chopped
Salt to taste
Oil for frying

Add all the ingredients except caulis and oil into a mixing bowl.
Pour enough water and stir for a thick runny batter. 
Heat oil and when heated, dip /roll caulis over and deep fry. 
Drain over kitchen towel and serve immediately.
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  1. You tempting me with another fritters recipe,I like that you add chick pea flour on this fritters,sound Yummy :) great pic too !!

  2. I would like to say your new page is so tidy! I love that as I love cauliflower! :)


  3. I really do like trying different flours and it is amazing all the different qualities of flavor and texture they impart in a dish or baked good! Your blend here does look like a winner. Cauliflower is coming up in my diet more and more, so I agree with the versatility comment. Your fritters look fabulous. A good crunchy snack-yum!

  4. Oh these sound fantastic ! Beautiful photos too :)

  5. These sound perfect - I love cauliflower, and the spices sound wonderful.

  6. Nava, I love cauliflower, but my husband doesn't. I think he could love this recipe, though!

  7. I must admit that though I love cauliflower, I have never tried cooking it in a different way other than stir-fry and curry. This is such a wonderful alternative to enjoy it! Thanks, Nava! Happy weekend!

  8. These fritters are exceptionally beautiful :D
    I love their gorgeous colouring and photography!
    Mouthwatering for breakfast!

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. Hi Nava-K, it looks very yummy. I liked it! Thanks for sharing..

    Love from Turkey..

  10. Delish! Veggie masquerading as a naughty bread fritter :)

  11. nice n simple to make ..
    can be a normal snack

  12. Nava - this looks terrific! I don't fry often, but if I did - I'd be making this for sure!

  13. I've read so much about cauliflower fritters but just haven't got time to try. Looking at yours makes me excited & I wanna eat them NOW!! Hahaha!

  14. you are so good in cooking :)

  15. another new way to cook my veggies..thank you for sharing Ms.Nava ;)

  16. I like the presentation of cauliflower fritters. Yes, I do add some rice flour in the besan batter.

  17. Hi Nava.

    Coming to your space after a long time ...
    And this Dish is definetly my fav from color to its tastes looks very yummy :)

    P.S : How are you doing? howz life going on ...Nice layout liked it :)

  18. I love the cilantro paired with these fritters!

  19. so lovely fritters

  20. Thanks everyone for all the wonderful comments. Its one way of making an interesting fritters from caulis.

    Vivek - I am great as usual and hope the same with you.


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