Sunday, February 12, 2012

Semi-Autonomous BMW - No Hands Driving

I am quite an alien when it is about cars, especially on their mechanisms and technical aspects. For me, a car is basically a vehicle for going from one place to other safely. That's it -  no complaints what so over and I am all the more the happiest person. However if you ask me to name car brands, at once you will hear BMW and Mercedes Benz - all time fav and I simply wish I can own one in the future. But just like another ordinary person out there, its money, money and money. Never mine. Guess life goes on with what I can afford. 

So what I do is I read the latest from Google or sometimes chat with friends who can talk about cars until the cows come home. Anyway, I goggled and out came the news - BMW has released details on their newest development featuring autonomous driving system.
As shared by Dailymail and Trendhunter, the car is the outcome of BMW's newest innovation via the ConnectedDrive Connect system. The car uses four types of sensor systems consisting of radar, cameras, laser scanners and ultrasound distance sensors.  In return enables the navigation on the road as well as  "no hands" driving mode. 
The embedded system is programmed to abide traffic ruleand can even change lanes to zoom past slow moving cars. 
Well, I am eagerly waiting for the car to be released while BMW is working on the challenges to fine tune the system further. Waaaa!!! For a moment let me imagine I am driving or the car is driving me through the massive traffic jam I go through day in day out. My, my, what a feeling it will be while the car is sort of my "driver" and I am on my laptop, probably writing articles for my blog. In between face-booking as well.

References: Trendhunter, Dailymail, likecool
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  1. nice,, i love car!!!great blog!!! following you now...

    visit my blog too...


  2. Hmmm.... the technology does sound cool but i'm still skeptical. If this technology really works, all the drivers in town will lose their job. =p

  3. Then my hand will b free....
    So can talk on d phone without using hands free....

  4. With this car in the market people will be on computer in the office, car and at home. Where is technology taking us?

  5. awesome! can eat favorite 'mamak fried mee' while driving ;) especially on a long journey balik kampung..

  6. Nice car nava I bet this will cost a fortune!! :D

    dropping by your blog to say hai, i didnt blog for long time my brain not functioning well after the accident.

    but i will always dropped by to read your post once awhile take care nava!

  7. Stress free sounds good. Hands free does not-a hacker could break into the system and bring us all right to his house without our control. I know it is a little conspiracy theory-but I like controlling my own car.

  8. We've owned a few BMWs, and I was just thrilled with the cameras to help me back up and parallel park! Wonder what the price tag will be with this new innovation. I had to read your blog post to my boys...they read Road and Track, etc, but this was new to them :) You're on top of it, my friend~

  9. I am a learner driver so this is like my dream right now - automatic lane changing? I accept!
    Awesome post :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  10. Can imagine the price only for the system. But i will lose all the fun in driving

  11. Thank you so much for all the comments and sharing. I sure if can afford, wanna own this car.

  12. Hahaha! Love this! If we ladies own this, there won't be any complaints from the men like "Women drivers, again!!"

  13. I'm not sure I should drive hands-off - I'd be like, "damn car, faster!" LOL


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