Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Curry Leaves Baked Chicken

For me its a standard thing to add curry leaves in almost every Indian savoury dishes. Curries for that matter are also not complete without the aromatic leaves. And for the first ever, its something new. I baked two pieces of chicken after marinating with curry leaves, curry powder and other essential ingredients. Then served the lovable chicken pieces over a bed of lettuce leaves and  some cucumber slices.

2 pieces ( about 350g) of chicken breast (with bones)
1 tbsp meat curry powder
3 sprigs curry leaves - roughly shredded
1 tsp ginger juice
1 tsp garlic juice
1 tbsp onion juice
Salt for taste
2 tbsp oil  

Rub chicken pieces with all the ingredients except oil.
Gently poke with a fork to sip the ingredient inside.
Marinate for at least 4 hours.
Smear a baking pan with oil and place the chicken pieces inside with the marinated ingredients. .
Bake on a preheated oven (10 mins) for about 50 mins or until chicken is cooked and crispy on the outside.
Served on a bed of lettuce leaves with some slices of cucumber (optional)
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  1. Very nice... Sometime I do bake chicken...
    Mayb next time I will add some Indian touch...

  2. Looks delicious! Will try this out! :)

  3. I bet the curry leave fragrant made the chicken tasted Indian! ;)

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    Meitzeu @ Twitter

  4. Not a good idea to see to read this when you're hungry.. I'll try this soon!

  5. This marinade does have some delicious ingredients, it is warm enough here to grill-so I am inspired by this. Love the plating with all the greens too! Have a great day!

  6. This chicken must be really tasty!

  7. Lovely color on your chicken.I think you meant 3 sprigs curry leaves (not powder right?)Looks delicious, would love to try it :)

  8. All the flavours you used in the marination are awesome. I will keep in mind to use curry leaves next time. How did you juice the garlic?

  9. Thanks for all the sharing everyone.
    Bal - ginger juice is extracted either by pounding or blending some pieces of ginger.

  10. Looks delicious! I've never actually worked with curry leaves, just curry mixes. I wish i could lay my hands on them here!

  11. What a creative way to get different flavours mixed into the chicken with obviously fantastic results my friend :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  12. This is definitely one flavorful chicken! I got to try cooking with curry leaves!

  13. That looks absolutely amazing--I can't find curry leaves here to save my life. I would love a plate of that chicken!

  14. Wow! I liked it! Thanks for sharing..

    Love from Antalya City, Turkey

  15. Chicken looks perfectly done,a lot of great flavored in it,,and yes I can see my plate with slice cucumber a cup of Rice and sambal,you know that :)

  16. The chickens look juicy and tender! Can I have a piece plz?

  17. what a great combination! I love curry so I must find this curry leaves I've never heard about

  18. Curry Leaves makes the food more aromatic. :)

    Sorry i havent been here a few days. Rather busy :p. Gng outstation soon also

  19. Nava this looks delicious! I LOVE baked of my favorites!

  20. This looks like a tasty recipe. Will have to give it a try with some curry leaves from my garden.

  21. another new way to cook chicken..I always come here because your dishes Ms.Nava are so new to my taste..passing by ;)

  22. The chicken looks really tender and perfect :) It sounds so delicious :)

  23. Gosh, this looks like another mouth-watering dish! I love cooking with curry leaves but haven't tried baking with them. Yum!

  24. This looks delicious. Definately it has some Indian flavors. This reminded me of Indian classic Tandoori chicken.

  25. Never baked chicken with curry leaves. Thanks for sharing the idea.

  26. Hi Nava:
    It has been a while since I last visited. Been busy, just got new oven and your spicy bake chicken recipe looks just great to test out. Thanks for sharing


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