Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bizarre Beauty Enhancements

After our posting of "BizarreBeauty Treatments", we discovered at Trendhunter on other types of bizarre beauty treatments people indulge in to enhance their beauty. These 5 treatments are those we have narrowed down from the many shared out there:

Sperm Skin Treatment
Hold on to your horses because it may not be what's striking your mind right now. This sperm skin treatment we are referring to is possible via the "synthesized" sperm. It’s an invention to treat sun damage skin and wrinkles while at the same time to soothe and moisturize the face.  For the details of this treatment, watch the video at thedoctorstv.

Kollagen 24K Mask
With a 99.9% content of pure gold, the kollagen 24k mask has the power to reduce lines and wrinkles. Similar to other types of sheet mask, place to fit the contour of the face for about 1/2 hour. The mask can also be used  to pamper your face, as a collagen replacement for the effects of a youth full skin. Head on to 7gadgets if you would like purchase this mask.  
Caviar Shampoo
If you wondering what's the secret behind Catherine Zeta Jones's shiny hair, the answer is the Caviar Shampoo. Packed with omega 3 fatty acids, this shampoo has an impact of repairing dry and damaged hair. The washing of the hair with truffle shampoo is the first step after which the pureed caviar is applied to absorb the goodness.  
Collagen Beer Foam
The collagen produced from pork is powdered and comes in sachets.  Add the powder into a glass and fill up with a can of beer. The mixture can be applied on the hair, skin and nails for the goodness of the collagen and the benefits that comes with it.
Non Surgical Nose Jobs
The electric beauty lift high nose is a gadget to straighten and alter the shape of the nose.  This gadget is fixed  over the nose while it lifts the noise using vibration. A popular way for Japanese women who are willing to enhance their beauty by paying $83.00 and seems more affordable compared to cosmetic surgery. 

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  1. LOL, I think I'll pass on these ideas :)

  2. Bizarre indeed! That caviar hair treatment could prove to be very expensive.

  3. These are definitely some pretty wild methods. The last one I think would not do much at all. Interesting read though!

  4. HAhahha.. this a bit out of my league. Don't think i'm vain enough to try all these .. =D

  5. people will go for anything for beauty.

  6. I've seen one of those Non Surgical Nose Jobs thing somewhere and I think it's rather funny. I mean does it really work? I remembered people will jokingly suggest using the cloth peg during my childhood years to sharpen the nose..haha

  7. These are amazing - in the fact that people actually use them! Funny post :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  8. hahaha..I'm just smiling on some methods just to improve one's outer appearance..have a nice day Ms.Nava ;)

  9. awww... i dont think i can go through all that

  10. I've tried 24-K gold-plated facial sometime ago. Looking at your post, I'd love to try the caviar & the gold mask too! The last one seems affordable but I'm not sure if I like to have my nose "clipped". Hahaha!

  11. That is something else...I think I'll keep my face the way it is!

  12. wow what an interesting article! but the sperm skin treatment looks disgusting

    Latest: Sinful Indulgence

  13. hi nava.. sometimes i wonder if really all these weird stuff works.. is there a scientifically proven research... In everything, there must be a chemical/ biological compound that make it works..

    Dont know about you, but i believe that most of the cure for our sickness can be obtained from our own body itself... ancient belief.
    have a nice day

  14. gold for mask ?
    d ppl r too rich n doesn't know how to do with their money...
    give me some .. LOL

  15. Oh man I want that gold face mask just so I could cosplay as the lady from Goldfinger.

    Also, sperm face masks. Teehee.


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