Monday, January 23, 2012

Crispy Fried Okra (Bendi)

How can we possibly say no to fried stuffs? Fantastically crispy crunchy, fantastically delightful and fantastically never enough (Fried Potato Rolls). Now, can you please stop for a moment with your wise crack that fried food will speed up our trip to hell (Prawn Fritters)? Maybe I'm assuming you have not heard of quality oil. You know what I am talking about? Too much of frying I agree is not good for health, but the problem is that we prefer the packet oil, we recycle oil for frying, I don't know how many times you do it, but frying (Curry Leaves Valakkai Poriyal) can be shallow frying instead of deep frying (Fried Tuna Cutlets), if you are still so worried about dying, I suggest you skip this crispy fried okra (Fried Lotus Roots). Lets just the rest of us love these sliced into thin stripes okra/bendi, dipped in a batter made with coconut milk and egg yolk and fried to utmost crispy-crunchy munch and punch.

350g (one packet) okra/bendi - slice into thin long stripes with the seeds on
Oil for frying

For the batter
1 tbsp cornflour
1 egg yolk
100ml coconut milk
1 1/2 tsp turmeric/kunyit
Water as needed
Salt to taste

Add all ingredients for the batter into a bowl.
Whisk together for a thin runny batter by streaming in water bit by bit. 
Dip a few of the sliced okra together into the batter and fry,
Drain over kitchen towel before serving.
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  1. Okra is not my favourite vegetable out there but I could a lot of these pakoras I promise you!!! They look delicious :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. Oh, wow! The crispy batter on your okra looks amazing! I can see why people were wanting to eat this right out of the pan :)

    Thanks for your sweet words of condolence. We had a good time celebrating my aunt's life.

  3. I have used corn flour for batter before, but it sure did not turn out like yours. Perhaps it is the coconut milk?! Anyhow these do look extra crispy and tasty, I am going to keep your flavorful batter recipe so I can enjoy. Well done!

  4. They are so crispy and my husband loves these. I can see how your family ate them so quickly.

  5. Wow, fried okra looks gorgeous! yummy.

  6. Oh gosh I live okra and this looks amazing!

  7. Lovely and crispy, never made okras this way.But I like this crispy version of yours.Nice side dish or appetizers as you said :)

  8. I love okra in almost any preparation, and fried is delicious. Great recipe.

  9. My husband & I love fried okra but my daughters don't, so I seldom make it. I'll try it using your recipe...the addition of coconut milk in the batter might make them reconsider. :)

  10. OMG sounds delicious nava!! i love okra so much!!

  11. That looks amazing--I like okra, but have never had it fried.

  12. I have to admit,I never had okra,but i do like crispy foods,maybe i will like it :) looks yummy even I never taste of okra !!

  13. Nava, Okra is one of my favourite vegetable. I can eat it in any for. I bet fried one will taste the best.

  14. My goodness these look delicious. Okra has been one of my favorite foods since childhood. Oh, how I wish it were spring so I could put out my okra seedlings.

  15. Hi Nava! Okra is very popular where I live - and yours looks delicious! I LOVE the batter you wonder everyone kept pinching a taste!

  16. I love okra, especially when it's fried! This looks excellent!

  17. Thank you so much to all for the support and amazing comments. You people are so great and again thanks.

  18. would love to munch now with my cuppa coffe now..;P
    Tasty Appetite

  19. wow Ms.Nava..this looks so healthy..I have tried carrots and camote strips dipped on batter and have it fried but I have never tried it on okra..ok now another new way..loved it..passing by Ms.Nava ;)

  20. looks crispy and delicious even though okra is not my favorite vegetables


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