Friday, October 7, 2011

Banana Almond Muffins

Bananas don't stay fresh for too long, the ones I buy remains firm for about 2 or 3 days only.  From there on, it becomes soft and mushy and these are perfect to be converted or make into muffins.  Instead of just bananas, I combined in some almond powder, leaving out eggs and sugar. That glossy and thick crunchy topping seen in the pics are the effects of sprinkling a generous amount of brown sugar on top of the unbaked muffins. If you wondering why I did this??? I get a joy of experimenting and making my recipes unique and different!!!! As for the feedback, everyone was impressed and enjoyed it very much.

Learn How to Contour & Highlight

If there’s one makeup trick that I’ve always been mesmerized by, it’s got to be the skilful way makeup artists contour and highlight to bring out our best features. Shani Silver from Refinery 29 shares how you can master this tricky move yourself!

"Using shadows and light are a great way to give shape and dimension to your face. It can either enhance or 'correct' your features."
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