Monday, December 19, 2011

Chicken And Bean Sprout Soup

As previously said in Bean Sprouts Stir Fried With Salted Fish, bean sprouts are definitely worth the buy. Really affordable and can be simply stir fried or cooked with noodles, dried or soupy version.  This one is made with chicken. First simmered to extra the broth. Then sliced, combined with bean sprouts and kucai and garnished with spring onion for a lovely soup.

I piece (about 300g) chicken fillet
100g (about 1 cup) bean sprouts/taugeh  - break off the brown tail part, wash and drain
10 stems chives/kucai  - sliced into 1 inch length
2 stalks spring onion - sliced thinly
Sesame oil - as needed
Salt and pepper for taste

Simmer chicken with 1/2 liter of water till it becomes soft and tender.
Remove it, let it cool down and slice into pieces.
Drain liquid/stock and pour back into the pan. 
Season with salt and pepper.
Let it simmer.
Put in the chicken pieces.
Also, add bean sprouts and chives.
Simmer; just to heat through again and off the heat.
Pour into a bowl, drizzle sesame oil and garnish with spring onion.
Serve immediately.
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  1. another creative idea from is cold now so this would be a simple and delicious soup for me and my kids..oh yes I have bean sprouts and chicken now..weeeeee..I'll thry this one Ms nava..a good way to start our morning tomorrow and I will boil eggs too ;)

  2. Sounds simple but the taste must be complex from the type of ingredients used.

  3. While I enjoy chicken soup, this is deliciously far from the standard. It looks so vibrant and hearty, definitely a welcome sight after a day out in the cold. Well done!

  4. Wow,lovely colors and yet so simple and delicious!On my to-make list!

  5. UuU~~ A nice afternoon lunch if possible. Looks yummy!


  6. THis looks perfect for cold season--and I love bean sprouts!

  7. Simply delicious! As the days get shorter I love these kind of soups around dinner time. They are light as well as filling.

  8. that would be superb for lunch. thanks for sharing.

  9. I'm bean sprout fan,simple yummy soup !!

  10. This looks simple and delicious! Wonderful dinner option...and so pretty!

  11. alamak!!! thanks for the post. I lupa I have taugeh in the fridge for 1 week already. Looks like have to throw...sobs...

  12. Hi nava, this chick soup look so cool, drooling for a big bowl ... especially when you put a lot of scallions there...
    have a nice day

  13. Do you like salted fish? You can stir fried with bean sprouts. Taste good.

  14. Nava - this looks terrific and your photos are mouthwatering! BRAVO! I love soup in the winter - such a homey feeling with a nice bowl of soup!

  15. Thanks again everyone for all the yummy comments and sharing. Yep, at times I think a simple soup goes a long way, esp you know when time becomes a factor.

  16. this is a wonderful combination soup

  17. Simple soup but I guess that would taste good as we have a nearly similar recipe again called Tinola

  18. i'm not quite familiar about chives.. soup looks healthy..

  19. Mmm, love the flavors in this soup! I actually have never had bean sprouts in a soup, but I do adore them in stir fries.

  20. Love those clicks! Simple soup yet flavourful it looks :)


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