Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gondola Ride (Venice - Italy)

After our lunch at Ristorante All"Angelo, it was the moment I have been waiting for in Venice--------------- the gondola ride.  Having been admiring the scenes  in movies and pictures, I was feeling on top of the world once we reached the area where the ride was to start off. The queue was very long with many people waiting in line for their turn to hop onto the gondola.

Anyway, we got into the "gondola boat", being manoeuvred along the waters of Venice.
It was truly a mesmerising moment with my eyes glued on everything I was attempting to see, starting with the bridge of sigh, the houses and buildings with sea water lapping at their doorsteps.

I wish it did not end but too bad, time was up and we had to get down.
We were allocated the next couple of hours for shopping, so there  I go again in high spirits looking forward to retail therapy, being prepared to spent on some of the branded goods I already had in mind.  Look out for our next post on what a shopping haven Venice can be!!!

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  1. i wish to go thereeeeeeeeeeee.. ohhh how i wish, wishes can be real

  2. It must have been a ride to cherish years on.

  3. The nearest I ever got to a gondola ride was at The Venetian hotel in Las Vegas

  4. I am so glad you were able to have such an amazing experience. I can't imagine how breathtaking the scenery must have been.

  5. nice.. there's a gondola ride in macau too at venetian hotel but i didn't take even that. a bit expensive for me.

  6. Lovely clicks! Thanks for sharing!


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