Monday, October 24, 2011

Cauliflower Butter Stir-Fried

My first cauli dish was Aloo Gobi. Cooked with a good number of ingredients. Not the only dish you can make because cauli is a versatile veg. And sometimes a simple cauli dish like this one  is equally so good.  A little tweet without oil but butter as the flavour carrier that works well with spices.

400g (1/2) cauliflower - cut into medium size florets
2 tbsp salted butter
5 garlic - chopped
3 dried red chillies - break into 2 or 3 pieces
1 tsp mustard seeds
3 sprigs curry leaves
Salt for taste (taste first)

Heat butter and when heated, saute garlic.
Add all other ingredients, stir to mix together.
Sprinkle some water and continue to stir/cook to soften cauli.
Dish out.
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  1. This looks delicious, what a great recipe! :)

  2. Yummy...I also like my veggies a little crunchy..This recipe will be a good change...

  3. Oh, this looks like a great cauliflower recipe...a little spice and butter is a good thing :)

    PS...I was looking for my post at 6 AM today...forgot that on secret recipe days, we can't post till 7!

  4. looks delicious.. i like broccoli more. :)

  5. yes I usually do it too ms.Nava and it is so simple to do but I have always loved it..easy and quick cooking but so healthy ;) passing by ms.Nava good Morning *hugs*

  6. Nava- this looks amazing! I could make a meal of just this! Thanks for sharing - it's a winner!

  7. any idea on what to do with broccoli? I kept stir fry or blanch them. What else can cook using broccoli?

  8. This is such a simple dish but yet it's my family's fave too! So healthy & tasty!

  9. thank you so much for all the sharing and support everyone.

  10. Kathy - give a try to this style with the broccoli and it should turn out ok.

  11. I have not tried cauliflower with dry chilli, will try it soon.


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