Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Restaurant Esquire Kitchen (Subang Parade)

Lunch at work can be lunch box, packing food from the nearest hawker stalls or lunching with colleagues. Colleagues meaning not any Tom, Dick and Harry or Elizabeth, Jane and Mary and definitely not those who won't stop whining about work. Between the handful of colleagues who are great lunch companions, 2 agreed to lunch at Esquire Kitchen (non-halal). Arriving at the restaurant at about 12.30pm and looking at the long list of dishes on the menu, it took us a while to mutually agree on what to order in the spacious and clean dining area.

Lunch began soon with the tung po pork. - tender and easily pried slow braised pork knuckles in a simmering superior and well seasoned broth. This sinfully rich dish we agreed over its tastiness when eaten with or without rice.  
Steamed pork dumplings accompanied with ginger stripes in soy sauce came next. Minced pork generously filled in flour dough and steamed, the soft and easily chewed dumpling tasted quite right upon dipping in the soy sauce while also picking up the ginger. Each of us had one piece each and the last piece, they knew its for me.

The next two dishes were asparagus stir fried with garlic, prawns and chilli soy gravy and kailan in soy sauce and topped with fried garlic. Retaining a crunchy texture, these two dishes we liked. The asparagus I thought lacked an extra kick of spiciness. However the colleagues didn't mind but they still called for the spicy dip to keep me happy.

And because they tucked into these dishes with rice, they were already full. I one the other hand hardly touch the rice, thus, I could still eat and definitely dessert was on my mind. Upon my suggestion, they agreed to share the "tau foo fah" and "tong yuen".
Smooth and silky, the tofu or soybean pudding we enjoyed while the watery ton yuen tasted almost similar.
After paying lunch (RM90.00) and while walking to the car park, we agreed that Esquire Kitchen will still draw plenty of customers for the tasty food and attentive customer service.

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  1. been visit this restaurant since i was young.

  2. The food looks delectable, especially the stir fried asparagus! And the dessert looks so comforting, a perfect finish to a wonderful meal.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  3. What a tasty filling lunch! I love the look of the stir fried asparagus and kailan...and my, the tung po meat really looks sinfully yummy!

  4. The Tung POh meat memang tasty. Ate at different branch of EK before. But unfortunately the one i went to, they stuffed a lot of salad leaves in the bottom of the bowl to make the meat looked a lot Actually it was like 2-3 pieces only. :( . Looks like Subang Parade branch gives more meat

  5. thanks for the comment everyone. Yep - the tung po meat was perfect and as well as the desserts were superb.

  6. Looks delicious....the dumplings, veggies and desserts would be my order!


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