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Being Happy - Feeling Good About Yourself..........

A guest post of Ms Andreea from Romania, who blogs at Curious Tendency. Its an interesting sharing I think we need and a great reminder from time to time on how to move on in life postitively, the important elements of being happy and all the more it starts with ourselves.  Read further on what Ms Andreea is sharing with us in this post:  

Being happy is not just about how much money you make or how popular you are, it’s also about being confident. If you feel confident you are prone to succeed because you will take any opportunity you get and you will live your life to its fullest. You have to be proud of yourself and you need to learn to love your own body. Studies show that feeling good about yourself improves your overall health because it boosts your immune system. Here are some ways to start loving yourself:
1 – Don’t hate your body, admire it! If you always complain about your body, everybody will just see the negative things you say about yourself. Would you let anybody else talk the same way you talk about your body? Probably not, so make sure that you treat and talk about your body the same way you want others to do. By noticing the positive aspects of your image, you will be able to be more confident and be motivated to make the changes it needs. For example, if you want to lose weight or eat healthy to have a better skin, bringing yourself down with negative comments about your body will not help. However, telling yourself how amazing you are and how strong your will is to make those changes will probably pay off in the long run.

2 – Make yourself feel amazing from time to time! Women are so busy nowadays, they rarely have time to sit down and enjoy a moment with themselves. Make sure that you dedicate a few hours a week to yourself. Moisturize your whole body with a nice body lotion, grab a cup of tea that you like and just relax while you read a book or watch a good movie. Life is about small pleasures and you will definitely boost your mood if you just relax and enjoy every moment of it.

3 – Be realistic about yourself! So what if you don’t have the body of a perfect model? That’s why people are unique. Besides, most of the images you see in the magazines are not even real and those women go through professional hair and makeup sessions, they get to have their shots taken by top photographers, and on top of that they get to have their pictures edited to perfection. So yeah, you will never look that way because nobody does!
4 – Don’t hate looking at yourself! I know it’s hard sometimes to look in the mirror, but you need to learn to love that image. If you don’t like it, start making changes but you need to love yourself while making the changes to keep your mind sane. So what if your breasts are small, you probably have a beautiful face! So what if your legs are chubby, you probably have a great hair and perfect skin! Just make sure that you highlight your positives when noticing your negatives. Also, dress to bring out the positive aspects of your body.

5 – Look amazing! When we feel bad and self conscious about our bodies we tend to let ourselves go. Make sure that whenever you are going out, you look great! This will boost your confidence even more and you will manage to feel better about yourself. Be sure to smile, it makes your face prettier.

Remember to treat your body like it’s the most precious thing on earth, because it is. As long as you treat it right you will feel right mentally and physically. Respect yourself and you will surely gain respect and admiration from others. 
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  1. very good advice. Some would wallow in self pity though nothing wrong with their body

  2. learn to love yourself and be contented in life.. nice..

  3. I love this post, Nava. These are just so helpful, and empowering. I am guilty of some of the things you listed here, specifically avoiding mirrors sometimes. I'm bookmarking this post, I feel that I will need to look at this from time to time, especially when I'm feeling a little too critical about myself.


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  4. Aww, thanks Nava for giving me the opportunity to write a guest post for your wonderful blog. :D Sorry for not commenting sooner but I've been really sick.
    I'm so happy you guys liked my post :D

  5. thank you so much Andreea for your lovely sharing.


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