Monday, August 8, 2011

Prawn & Cabbage In Lemongrass Coconut Gravy

When you grow herbs, you might as well use them for your cooking. Otherwise, what's the point? To impress your neighbours? They sure will be impressed and they sure also will, some will ask for the herbs whereas others basically will steal, Meaning, pluck your herbs when you are not watching. Welcome to real world where there are neighbours from outer space. Can't help it. That's how it is with link houses. Do we have a choice? I'm afraid not unless we move to bungalow lots. I can't afford, so I've learned to move on without paying much attention to such trivial issues. I think that's about the best policy unless we want to take the roll of KGB or PI. For the time being, I doubt I have the time to spy on who are neighbours who steal. Never-mind, there's such a thing as immediate karma.

Now, coming to this recipe, the growing crazily lemongrass (Fried Stingray/Ikan Pari In Lemongrass Sambal, Curry Mee Vegetarian & Lemongrass Chilli Potatoes) was put to good use. Akin the previous Prawn Spinach Sodhi, this Prawn & Cabbage In Lemongrass Coconut Gravy is from the other side of the fence. Prawns (Prawn Fritters & Bitter Gourd Prawn Curry),lemongrass, coconut milk, fucuk, soo hoon and cabbage.

1 handful of medium size prawns - de-vein and leave the tail intact
80g (1 piece) fucuk/dried bean curd sheet - soaked in water to soften
30g (1/2 handful) soo hoon/thin rice noodles - soaked in water to soften
100g (1/2) Chinese cabbage - sliced into big pieces
6 garlic - chopped
1 1/2 cups coconut milk
1 lemongrass - crushed
3 tbsp oil
Salt and pepper for taste

Heat oil.
Add garlic, lemon grass and prawns.
Fry and stir, just a couple of seconds.
Pour coconut milk and simmer over low heat. .
When the gravy is heated (not boiling), add fucuk, soo hoon and cabbage.
Season with salt and pepper.
Continue to simmer, again just to heat through.
Remove from heat.
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  1. Oh my!! Looks so good I'm salivating!! =p

  2. ooo...this is yummy. This type of cabbage very sweet taste.

  3. I haven't made with cabbage shrimp looks delicious

  4. Oh - DELISH! I love coconut in savory dishes!

  5. thank you for all the comment all you great people, do try as its really easy and simple to prepare.

  6. If its seafood it would be a thumbs up for me! BTW I nominated you for a challenge hope to see your response soon :)


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