Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Orange Coconut Cupcakes

If you fancy cup cakes with an edge of coconut taste and sweet sour citric flavours, I bet these cup cakes will give you that. Just mix in all  the ingredients together, add into the cup cakes cases and off it goes into the oven. These cakes are all you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, what more to be served for a home party.

2 1/2 cups unsweetened coconut flakes/dessicated coconut
2 eggs
1/2 cup melted butter
1/2 cup condensed milk
1/2 cup all purpose flour
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
1 orange - extract juice
1 tsp orange rind
For Topping
1 orange - remove skin and cut into small pieces

Sift flour and baking soda together.
Mix in all of the ingredients except the orange pieces.
Place cupcakes cases into a muffin tin and divide the mixture between them 
Add the orange pieces on top as much as your prefer on each.
Bake at 220C for about 35 mins or until cakes are done.
Remove and let it cool down before serving.
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  1. I think I just went in to a diabetic coma looking at the photos. Orange is such a lovely fruit but, coconut is most definitely my favorite of all time. The fact that they are together in a cupcake is just heavenly.

  2. Oh, I fancy alright. Those look so good :) Buzzed!

  3. wow,,,coconut and orange flavored,love it,i bet the smell citrus on cupcakes
    make taste great :)

  4. Thanks a lot, just beginning my baking journey and love all that support.

  5. I have never thought of this flavour combo before :) It sounds yummy :)

  6. These cupcakes are beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen the combo of orange and coconut, but it sounds truly refreshing =)

  7. I think I'll eat anything where coconut is involved...and in this case, more than one!

  8. am not really crazy about cupcakes but yours realy looks yummy. I like them slightly burnt.

  9. These flavors work well together and I like that they don't need frosting.

  10. It so yummy. I hope that i cn get it now in my mouth..

  11. This is like a coconut macaroon recipe in the Philippines the only difference is that we dont use citric juices on it. I guess thats a great addition

  12. Nice sharing and lovely comments, thanks so much.

  13. I can smell it! Such a amazing combo :-) YUMMY


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