Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nyonya Assam Fish Curry

Food is a glory in Malaysia. In fact, I would say that Malaysian food is the best in the world. Ask me now, I just don't know where to start and I don't think I can be done with speaking about the huge various glories dishes. Nyonya cuisine (Nyonya Steam Fish) is one of them. A fusion between Chinese and Malay ingredients, lots of spices and lots of local herbs. Nyonya assam fish curry (Assam Fish Curry, Fish Sambar, Fried Stingray Lemongrass Spicy Sauce, Papaya Sardine Curry & Fried Black Pompret Soy Sauce) is just so mind blowing. Terrific bold tastes, spicy, aromatic and tangy. Come follow me, let's learn how to make Nyonya Assam Fish Curry.

300g tenggiri/Spanish mackerel - cut into chunks/bite sizes
10 ladies fingers/okra - cut into two
2 red chillies - slit but don't cut through
1 green chilli - slit but don't cut through
2 serai/lemon grass - bruised
5 kaffir lime/limau purut  leaves - tear into pieces
1 1/2 tbsp tamarind paste/assam - mix into 1/2 liter of water
1/4 cup oil
salt to taste

For The Rempah/Curry Paste:
1/2 tbsp blended/grounded ginger
1/2 tbsp blended/grounded garlic
1 tbsp blended/grounded shallots
1 tbsp blended/grounded dried red chillies (or as preferred)
1 tbsp fish curry powder
When oil is heated, fry rempah/curry paste until aromatic and oil splits. 
Add in ladies fingers, lemon grass and chillies.
Give a good stir after which pour in tamarind water.
Simmer and boil until ladies fingers are half cooked.
Gently drop fish inside.
Season with salt.
When fish is cooked, add lime leaves and stir. 
Off the heat and curry is done to be served.  
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  1. I am drooling (a lot) at this post! The fish curry looks spicy and delicious :)

  2. I bet it's good with chicken and wowza....SPICY!

  3. My mum used to cook this dish :)So delicious!!

  4. I love assam fish and yours looks so delectable!

  5. I love those spices in that dish.

  6. This curry sounds delicious =)

  7. We just ate this for dinner last evening at a nearby coffeeshop! Hubby loves this dish & yours looks yummy :)

    Nava, u're tagged in my Play The 7 Links Challenge! because you're one of my fave bloggers :) Check it out!

  8. hi nava, i love asam pedas dishes, i simply adore it, especially when some curry powder is added.
    i normaly use herring or stingray. must try using spanish mackerel like your with kaffir leaves added.thanks

  9. I love it. I give it a FaceBook like, I save it for my Firday dinner with my best friend.

  10. Thanks for the lovely comments to all of you, for sure one of those we love so much at home, your know spicy and tangy are so strong in the type of food we enjoy.

    Feel free to use any other type of fish you like but must say that the mackerel is prefect for it remains intact and firm after cooking.

  11. Your Assam fish curry its sound great,i never have ikan tengiri for long time,my mouthwatering,,,,looks so YUM-YUM,

  12. Why is it called Assam fish curry?

  13. My goodness Nava! Just looking at the amazing colour of your Nyonya assam fish curry, my stomach is crying to be filled even though I just had my dinner about half an hour ago!!!! This is very very tempting and irresistible. How I wish I can have it now, just the gravy itself also I am happy!!! Thanks for sharing, Nava and warmest regards :)


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