Sunday, August 28, 2011

The DO'S and definitely DON'TS of Nude Shoes

  • Never wear flesh-coloured shoes that are more than two shades darker than your own skin tone – one or two shades lighter is more flattering.

  • ‘Nude on nude’ – head-to-toe flesh-tone fashion – is tricky to carry off. It’s safer to opt for shoes OR a dress, and go for a bold colour with the other.
  • Nude shoes need to be in tip-top condition – wear scuffed ones and you may as well bare your bunions to the world.
  • Sheer flesh-tone hosiery is making a comeback, and acts like a ‘foundation’ for the legs, smoothing out imperfections. Matt is preferable, as shiny can make calves look like raw sausages. The Duchess of Cambridge opts for a hint of sheen, but she does have perfect pins.
  • Care for nude leather using a ‘neutral’ or clear shoe polish. Use a tiny amount of petroleum jelly on patent leather to maintain suppleness. Revive suede by steaming it over the kettle and brush up the pile with a suede brush.

  • Your feet need to look good, as well as your shoes. A pedicure is worth the investment.

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  1. She's so pretty !

    If you like french fashion, you should check out my blog, and maybe follow it if you like it and wanna be the first to know when I post ;)


  2. Being a brown woman, I've often wondered about the "nude" shoe thing... Nude shoes aren't my flesh color! :D

  3. I don't have a pair of nude shoes :) I always mostly goes for black... I think it's the safe choice?

  4. That is interesting. I didn't know that. Usually my shoes are dark colour. I think the only heels which is light colour which i ever bought was for my wedding :P

    Thanks for the tiip on the profile pic. I have reload it. Hope it works

  5. Surprisingly, I tend to go for bold and bright colors when it comes to shoes.

  6. hi Kucing, its working fine now.


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