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The DIY Oil Painting Kit

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Oil painting has been a popular form of art since the13th century in England. However, in the early era, painters usually preferred tempera more than oil paints, as they dried faster. In the 15th century artists began to use a mix of tempera and oil paints. It was not until the 17th century that pure oil paints started being used as an art medium.

Creative activities such as oil painting helps to keep your brain focused and to build up the parts of the brain that control muscle movement. Quite literally, painting will change your life. You will gain self-esteem and  confidence you never knew you possessed. Painting provides an excellent source of personal relaxation and even physical therapy. It allows you to associate creativity with every aspect of your life, not just on the canvas. Many have been led to find pleasure in music, reading, writing, sewing, gardening and much, much more as a result of painting. Through painting you will discover in yourself a greater awareness of the beauty of nature.

♥Advantages of the DIY Oil Painting

1. Economic - The common price of oil painting in the market is very high, the DIY Oil Painting is fashionable and also economic.

2.Decorative - The oil painting that you have drawn has very strong adornment, you can hang it on wall or put it on desk, all of guests will admire these fantastic decor.

3.Preserved value - The oil painting that drawn by yourself has high value of preservation and deep meaning, can be good gift for family and friends.


1. Please check the numbers on the original canvas, and pick up the same number of pigment to fill in the blanks.

2. Because that there are a lot of colours, we suggest that you finish one colour first, and then start the next colour.

3. Our pigment can be amended if you have filled them wrongly.

We have a collection of scenary,seascape,landscape,animals,still life,abstract/modern art and  series of cartoons.It comes in 4 different sizes:

11cm x 16cm

25cm x 25cm

30cm x 40cm

40cm x 50cm

For more information, kindly contact Sue at 016-6087241 or email to
Do add us on Facebook -  Easel Art
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