Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Da Sa Rang Korean Restaurant (SS15, Subang Jaya)

Situated across the ever busy main road of Subang Jaya and besides McDonalds, Da Sa Rang I have certainly noticed. Well, office is just a walking distance away and I also walk up and down this area at least lets say once a week. However it took me more than two years before I actually lunched here with the same two colleagues (Restaurant Esquire Kitchen) because my half-half and other colleagues were not keen in Korean food. Anyway, that aside, upon arrival at the restaurant and looking through the menu, instead of the charcoal grilled bbq and between the wide range of individual dishes. we ordered Dolsot-Bibim-Bap, Gamja- Jjigare and Kinchi-Ramyeon.

Within the next minute or so, came the complimentary sides thingies or "banchan" - tiny portions of vegetables, pickles, potato with sausage, kimchi, soup and the rest. These I was impressed with (well, first experience is always like that).  

Just as we polished off those sides, arrived the Dolsot-Bibim-Bap (meaning "mixed meal") in a ceramic bowl with warm white rice, veggies, chillies, pork slices and a single raw egg. All mixed together by the staff and we ate. Indeed, a delicious flavorful dish. .
Next the Gamja-Jjigae/kimchi soup  - classic Korean vibrant spicy stew with well fermented kimchi, pork slices and an assortment of veggies.Delicious and truly tasty, every bit was polished off.  
Then the Kimchi-Ramyeon, a noodle dish with pork, cabbage, seafood and spring onion, another nice appetizing dish. To wash down the spicy heat on the tongue, as usual, green tea the satisfying drink.

Truly a wonderful meal as per my liking,and affordable (RM53.57) in the bright and clean ambiance, I shall return again to Da Sa Rang (SS15/4D).

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  1. the bilis looks so crunchy. Must be very yummy to go with rice

  2. Oh wow I gotta try this place. Seems more affordable than the rest.

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  4. Kimchi soup looks so spicy!! Nice to go with white rice :)

  5. Do give a try if you are at Subang Jaya, for me it was worth for I simply love spicy and the price was acceptable.

  6. Awesome! I have always wanted to try bibim bap! How wonderful - everything looks delicious!


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